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Series Recap: Mythos Academy Series by Jennifer Estep

Reading Order (sort by release date):

First Frost (Book 0.5, Published on July 1, 2011)
Touch of Frost (Book 1, Published on August 1, 2011)
Halloween Frost (Book 1.5, Published on September 7, 2011)
Kiss of Frost (Book 2, Published on November 29, 2011)
Dark Frost (Book 3, Published on May 29, 2012)
Crimson Frost (Book 4, Published on December 24, 2012)
Spartan Frost (Book 4.5, Published on June 25, 2013)
Midnight Frost (Book 5, Published on July 30, 2013)
Killer Frost (Book 6, Published on February 25, 2014)

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Synopsis Recap:

First Frost sets before Touch of Frost, with Gwen Frost in a normal school in the normal world. Being a girl with weird touch abilities, she's the one girl who can help folks finding their lost things. When she has a serious freak-out with her magic, she's being shipped off to the Mythos Academy, where people studying there are descendants of ancient warriors, and can seriously kick ass.

Touch of Frost is the start of Gwen's adventure. She's the weird Gypsy girl who can (still) help students in Mythos Academy find lost stuff. Life is weird as hell but okay. Until a girl named Jasmine Ashton dies mysteriously. Curious, she sets off to find the reason of her death, only to uncover a dark side of the mythological world and she's in the center of the mess. Personally.

Gwen is kind of in a mess in Kiss of Frost. She's head over heels with the guy who (apparently) doesn't give a damn about her. She's a target for the Reapers of Chaos. She doesn't know how to survive for the rest of the semester. And then there's a Reaper who is trying to kill her when (s)he [because that's spoiler!] gets the chance. Gwen has to fight or might just die by the Reaper's hands.

Dark Frost sets the stage for Crimson Frost. In order to stop the Reapers from freeing Loki from his prison, Gwen has to find the Helheim dagger that her mother hid. Only she has no idea how to find it because her touch magic doesn't allow one bit of information of the dagger to slip through. She has to find it before the Reapers do, or it might result in the worst thing she can think possible...

Crimson Frost is a storm. Just when she thinks she can have a peaceful moment with Logan, she's being accused of a crime she didn't intentionally commit. With Loki free, Gwen is put into more danger than ever before. She's a target for Loki's Champion. Her life is on the line. She has to figure out what the Reapers are up to before they destroy everything and everyone she loves.

Spartan Frost is set between Crimson Frost and Midnight Frost. This is Logan's point of view after the events of Crimson Frost. He's in a mess. He can't believe he did terrible things to the girl he loves. He's angry and ashamed and sickened. He has to be strong again if he wants to fight side by side with Gwen again. But with all the darkness still in his heart, it's anything but an easy task.

Midnight Frost is the calm before the final storm. Someone is trying to poison Gwen, only they get the wrong guy. In order to save him, Gwen and her friends set out to find an antidote. But the trip is anything but easy. The Reapers are waiting for them at the end of their journey to their destination. And then there's the past of Gwen's parents, which is nothing like she expected to be. And there's the key to killing Loki, only she doesn't know how to use it. Midnight Frost sets the perfect stage for Killer Frost.

The final installment, Killer Frost, is the final battle for Gwen and her friends. Gwen still has no idea how to kill Loki, which really sets her on edge. Her relationship with Logan is still barely salvageable. Then someone she loves is in danger, and she's forbidden to do reckless things in order to save him/her [again, spoiler]. Something in her finally snaps, and she's ready to throw herself into the battle -- whether she's truly ready for it or not. And there will be blood on the floor by the end of it.


Thoughts Recap:

(I'm not going to talk about First Frost and Halloween Frost and Spartan Frost here. I've read all of them, but I'm not going to talk about them)

Three words to describe the series: Interesting, exciting, humorous

Touch of Frost is a nice (if not a little weird) start of Gwen's adventure. Gwen herself is quite a nice character. Snarky, funny and curious. I really like how her curiosity brings her countless trouble in this book. Her discovery of a much darker side of the mythological world sets a great stage for Kiss of Frost. To be honest, this is one hell of a redemption for my hatred toward novels with academies as backgrounds (after what happened with VA and House of Night? No, just no. Until Mythos Academy).

Kiss of Frost is a fairly interesting book. There are a lot of scenes that brings some feels. But for some reason this book is not as good as the other five. Maybe because this book is not exactly necessary, even though it is quite a lot of fun. Nevertheless, it is a pretty nice book, but not really a book of necessity (in terms of plot development).

Dark Frost sets the stage for the last three books. There are a lot of mystery unsolved. Gwen is facing multiple problems. With a deadline. It's more exciting than the previous two books, because everything is kind of at stake, whether it's her safety, the world's safety, or her sort-of-romance with Logan. With the ending that will create chaos in the last three books, Dark Frost is certainly, pretty dark.

Crimson Frost, in my opinion, is the best book in the series besides Killer Frost. I have a strong feelings for the mistreated. In this case it's Gwen. To put it clearly, it means that Crimson Frost seriously brings out my strong feelings, which is relatively rare, because I normally can hold strong emotions at bay. It's pretty admirable the book brings out my unstable side. It ends with a bang too, which is unlike the other five books. Crimson Frost is an unforgettable storm in Mythos Academy series.

Midnight Frost is the calm before the final battle. Unlike Kiss of Frost, the book is necessary because it holds important information for the final defeat of Loki. It's still a good book, but I don't enjoy it as much as I do with Crimson Frost. I'm pretty calm reading this book and I know that things won't be that bad in Midnight Frost because there's still the mess in Killer Frost that can potentially wreck everything, even though I don't know if they'll seriously be fine logically. A nice story, but nowhere as exciting as Crimson Frost (and Killer Frost, of course).

Killer Frost is the last installment of the series. Everything can happen. Like Gwen, I'm on edge reading this book because I'm dying dying DYING to know what will actually happen when nothing seems certain. It's a torrent of action, heartache and pure awesomeness blend together. One of the nicest endings I've read since I started reading YA novels. Excellent novel. I think I really will miss Gwen and her friends, especially Gwen with her snarkiness.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Do I recommend this series?: If you have a thing for all kinds of mythological creatures in one single series, then totally. But I really suggest everyone give it a try.

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