Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Series Recap: The Syrena Legacy by Anna Banks

Reading Order: (sort by date)

Of Poseidon (Book 1, Published on May 22, 2012)
Of Triton (Book 2, Published on May 28, 2013)
Of Neptune (Book 3, Published on May 13, 2014)

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Synopsis Recap:

Emma thinks she's just a normal Florida teen girl... until she meets Galen, the prince of Triton. Turns out she's not that normal at all... she's a Half-Breed herself, and she possess powers that are really rare. She's thrown into wars that she doesn't even know existed or she doesn't know how she's involved. Those were ignited a long time ago. And Emma is determined to stop them, even if she doesn't need to. Even if she doesn't actually have a right to.

Thoughts Recap:

My views are very different towards the three books.

Of Poseidon is actually my favorite book of the trilogy. It seems like the whole idea is very original and the wits Emma possesses are very real and funny even if they're not always artfully hilarious. The whole thing seems so cute to me. And while sometimes there are tension between characters (not the real battle-tension), they're still humorous and it makes me giggle. It's kind of hard not to like Of Poseidon.

Of Triton is okay, I guess. There are a lot of times where Of Triton is better than the first book. Like the fact that there are actual risks and their lives are really at stake (for once). Emma gets pretty badass in this book too, which is one of my favorite things in the book. However the humor part falls short and that's a little disappointing because I really look forward to that part. Generally, though, I still like this book.

As for Of Neptune... I kinda wish this series is a duology (aka no Of Neptune whatsoever). It's like everything falls short in this book. And I mean EVERYTHING. Not just humor, not just cuteness, not just edginess of fighting for their lives, even the romance between Galen and Emma (which, while it's not my favorite thing in the series, is still awesome nonetheless). I'm pretty disappointed. And the ending is so rushed that I feel like everything is just "what the hell is going on exactly?". Pretty bipolar, huh?

Due to the extreme bipolarity of my views (that sounds like I'm suffering from schizophrenia or something), no overview this time. Yeah.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10
Do I recommend this series?: How about I only recommend the first two books only?

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