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Series Recap: The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

Reading Order: (Sort by date)

The Selection (Book 1, Published on April 24, 2012)
The Prince (Book 0.5, Published on March 5, 2013)
The Elite (Book 2, Published on April 23, 2013)
The Guard (Book 2.5, Published on February 4, 2014)
The One (Book 3, Published on May 6, 2014)
The Queen [Not shown in here] (Book 0.4, Not yet published)

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Synopsis recap:

It's the futuristic America... um, Illea, where people are divided into eight caste. The Ones are royals, while the Eights are the unwanted ones. America Singer is a Five. And she's about to join the Selection -- a public event of The prince choosing one of the thirty-five girls as his wife and be a princess -- almost against her will, because of various reasons. However, things get different when America gets to the palace and sees Prince Maxon truly for the very first time. Hearts are divided. Along with the journey, America discovers just how dark and twisted her country really is.

Thoughts Recap:

(Beware of harshness)

This trilogy is probably one of the most overrated I've ever read.

The first book is actually pretty interesting. No one has ever attempt to do this before (at least to my knowledge). And it's fun and witty. America is pretty amazing in the first book. So I had high hopes after I read The Selection. Yet my hopes were totally damned after I read The Elite because it just annoys the hell out of me. The One is slightly better, but still, I don't understand why I keep reading it in the first place.

Yes, annoying. You heard me right. Why? Duh, girl fights. Epic girl freaking fights, which is probably one of the most exhausting thing known to mankind. Especially in The Elite, where everything just goes to hell (according to my spiked-up temper). The next big frustrating part is the insecurity, which there are plenty of it. If you are not sure, just be brave and confront it! Don't go, "I still have time so I'm just gonna drop it for a little while.". No wonder there are so much drama. Unnecessary ones.

Of course, there are positive sides of the series. Like the first book, which I mentioned above. The rebels, which is awesome. And it will be better if the rebels play a bigger part in the story. King Clarkson, seriously. I hate this guy, but he still makes a good villain nonetheless. And Marlee, actually, who is defiant and loyal to her friends. But unfortunately the positive sides can't outweigh the negative sides.

So, basically, I'm not sure why all the hype about this series. It's not even that good.

Overall rating: 5/10
Do I recommend this series?: Not really, no.

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