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Series Recap: Reboot Series by Amy Tintera

Reading Order (sort by release date):

Reboot (Book 1, Published on May 7, 2013)
Rebel (Book 2, Published on May 13, 2014)

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Synopsis recap:

Reboot starts with Wren, who has died and Rebooted after 178 minutes because of KDH virus when she was twelve. Now seventeen, she's the perfect soldier that HARC has. She always thinks that she barely has any human emotion at all. But when Callum, who is practically still human (because he Rebooted after only 22 minutes), demands her training, she finds herself that maybe she's not as emotionless and inhuman as she thought. And then there's another threat. Some Reboots are turning vicious, bloodthirsty creatures, and Wren has to set out to rebel against HARC and find the origin of these problems before someone she really cares about dies because of this.

Rebel picks up after Wren and Callum escaped HARC and find a place called Reboot Reservation, only the place isn't the haven for Reboots like others claimed. A vicious leader, a bunch of scared Reboots, violent actions, and trying to do something drastic on the whole human race (I'm not going to reveal what's the big move), and the threat from HARC, Wren and Callum has to find a way around that if they want to stay together and build a life together.


Thoughts recap:

Three words to describe the series: Unique, interesting, but not very... dynamic

The concept of Reboot is mentioned in the first book, Reboot. It's kind of a twist of zombies. Only the "zombies" (aka Reboots) are far more intelligent and physically superior. I like that the Reboots are not just creatures that the government can't control (because zombie apocalypse is really an old epidemic, even though I like The Walking Dead). They're under far too much control, and they're (mostly) not that happy about it. The world in Reboot is pretty well-developed in this case, because there's the whole outline of the KDH-infected world in the book. The characters... well, I guess most of them are average characters, except maybe Wren. She's a pretty cool girl. Not only she can kick some ass, she's logical. But other than that there's nothing really significant about other characters. The plot is a bit slow, though. And a little bit predictable. But it's nothing intolerable.

Rebel is better. In this book Wren and Callum has to fight for their lives. Constantly. The character improvement is a thumbs-up, especially on Wren and Micah. Wren is no longer the emotionless Reboot we met at the start of Reboot, and she finally gets in touch with the human side of her. Micah's character is portrayed well. The vicious and cruel side of him is a little terrifying. The plot is much more fast-paced and complicated, because of the multiple threats coming from all sides, which is another thing I really like. There might be some flaws concerning Callum and other minor parts, but overall Rebel is a fine book.

Overall rating: 7/10

Do I recommend this series?: I'm not against people reading it (obviously), but I'm not actively recommending this series.

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