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Series Recap: The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins

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Sweet Evil (Book 1, Published on May 1, 2012)
Sweet Peril (Book 2, Published on April 30, 2013)
Sweet Reckoning (Book 3, Published on April 29, 2014)

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Synopsis Recap:

Anna Whitt was the ultimate good girl. Until she met Kaidan Rowe. She discovered that she was a Nephilim, and the child of a duke of evil. But she was different from other Neph. She had an innocence that others didn't. And then there was a prophecy, one that stated that a child of light and dark will cast the demons out of Earth and to the depths of hell for eternity. This is Anna's story, of battling her inner demons and the greater evil.

Thoughts Recap:

Good things first. The trilogy has got great characters such as Anna herself. They're all three dimensional and very real (At least, the main ones are). Anna is my favorite. She's very strong through all the mess. Who wouldn't freak out when one discovers that he or she are not exactly human and child of a demon from hell? It's even more to take in when one is supposed to be fulfilling a prophecy but has no idea how to. Anna has taken in all these in a surprisingly calm way. Despite all the mess and depressing stuff, her innocence and purity stands. So yes, she's a very respectable character.

The romance between Anna and Kaidan is a really big part of the story. And boy, isn't it a hot and sweet part of the story. Yes, they're kind of forbidden lovers. Yes, they have to fulfill their duty or something. No, they are not your typical pair of forbidden lovers. They're not Romeo and Juliet, ending their lives for love (and by the way, I don't understand the fascination for Romeo and Juliet. Their actions are too reckless). They fight hard for their love, and most of all, for their lives and goodness. I like this couple, what can I say?

But despite all the goodness in the books, I still think the trilogy is overrated. The plot is not that impressive. It's smooth and it's got some surprising elements. But other than that the outcome is pretty predictable, which, in my words, is not that cool. The world building is actually okay because it's well-rounded, but totally not something unique. I have to say I'm a little disappointed of these two parts because the background of the story is good and has a lot of potential.

That's it. The Sweet Trilogy. A trilogy with its great goods and obvious bads, but still entertaining.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Do I recommend this series? : Well, I won't recommend it like I recommend series like Throne of Glass and The Infernal Devices (which is two of my absolute favorites)...

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