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Series Recap: Blood of Eden by Julie Kagawa

Reading Order:

'Til The World Ends - Dawn of Eden (Book 0.5, Published on January 29, 2013)
The Immortal Rules (Book 1, Published on April 24, 2012)
The Eternity Cure (Book 2, Published on April 30, 2013)
The Forever Song (Book 3, Published on April 15, 2014)

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Synopsis Recap:

The world we know is gone. Destroyed by the Red Lung Virus. Vampires are ruling over humans. Either they comply and get a relatively safe life, or they do not and have to scavenge and risk their lives every single day. Allison Sekemoto is one of the latter. In The Immortal Rules, she turns from the hunted to the hunter. The very monster that she herself hated so much. She encountered a group of humans, searching for a rumored place - Eden, a city ruled completely by humans and no vampire population whatsoever. Someone in the group also sees something in her that is more than a monster. So the journey begins here.

The Eternity Cure is a dark turning point of the story. Allie has to find her sire, the one who turned her. Somehow she finds herself working with the vampire she despises most. But that's not the only problem she's facing. A new streak of Red Lung Virus emerges. Allie has to do anything to stop the pandemic. The journey will be far more twisted and dangerous at this point. It also gives hints about what will happen next in the sequel.

And then here's the "arguably the craziest book ever". The Forever Song. After a tragic incident, Allie has to embrace her dark side in order to take revenge on the psycho vampire who is planning to destroy the whole world. But it's easy to lose oneself when one is taking such a long, bloody and brutal journey. Allie has to be strong and ready to take whatever the final journey throws at her. Even the heartbreak it brings.

Dawn of Eden is set decades before the events in The Immortal Rules. It takes us back to the period of the first pandemic of Red Lung Virus. A whole new different batch of characters, and a whole new story line. In this story we'll know about the rise of the rabids, and how the world in The Immortal Rules is made.


Thoughts Recap:

Damn. How am I supposed to put it right.

Blood of Eden is by far one of the craziest series I've ever read. It rivals Gone series, and sometimes Gone  series scares the hell out of me (which is very rare, because I'm a girl with a pretty strong heart). It takes dystopian world and vampires to a whole new level. Merging pandemic, vampire and danger all in a series. It's the ultimate combination of YA dystopian and YA paranormal.

People always go "meh" when it comes to vampires these days. Sure, I would think that too. But Blood of Eden is very different. Julie doesn't bother to hide the monster in vampires. Because they are monsters. And she amplifies that part. It's one of the reasons why I always call this series dark and brutal. Don't let the word vampire fool you. It's more dangerous and bloody than you can imagine.

And of course, vampires in a dystopian world destroyed by the Red Lung Disease can only mean one thing: chaos rising. They're capable of civility, sure. But deep down they're still predators. The cold edge of the dystopian world, combining with the bloodiness of vamps? Damn, sign me in for that. It has apocalypse and danger and thrill written all over it.

Needless to say, the series has a lot of really cool characters, and the plot is very awesome because you'll never see what's coming until it goes bam in you face. Just... read this series, guys. You'll never regret it. Oh, maybe you will when you read it right after you have dinner because the excitement will have your stomach churn like crazy.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Do I recommend this series: Absolutely!

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