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Series Recap: Under The Never Sky trilogy by Veronica Rossi

Reading Order (sort by release date):

Under The Never Sky (Book 1, Published on January 3, 2012)
Roar and Liv (Book 0.5, Published on October 30, 2012)
Through The Ever Night (Book 2, Published on January 8, 2013)
Brooke (Book 2.5, Published on November 26, 2013)
Into The Still Blue (Book 3, Published on January 28, 2013)

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Synopsis recap:

Under The Never Sky is an unforgettable trilogy written by Veronica Rossi. The trilogy starts with Aria being cast out of Reverie, a Pod where Dwellers live and has to depend on Perry, an Outsider and a race she's taught to despise, to survive. She has to search for her mother and the Still Blue, a place rumored to be safe from the threat of Aether storms. Only then does she uncover a bunch of secrets that leaves her belief shaken forever.

In Through The Ever Night, Aria and Perry are together -- but for how long? The tribe doesn't accept her as one of their own. Aria has her own issues to deal with as well. As Aria travels to the Horns with Roar, she discovers the sinister plans of the Pod's... minister? (I can't remember his position) which can put everyone she loves in danger.

In Into The Still Blue, Aria and Perry's love has been tested. Their loyalty and leadership has also been tested as well. Now it's time to fight for their survival. They have to defeat a notorious enemy and get through their worst nightmares in order to have a safe future in the Still Blue. But can they do it, when nothing is certain... under the never sky?

Roar and Liv is set before the events in Under The Never Sky, which sets the stage for Through The Ever Night. It centers Roar and Liv's relationship and their love for each other. Except... it wasn't that meant-to-be because food supply is running low in the Tides and sacrifices has to be made to safe the majority. But can Roar do it when doing so can cost what you love most?

Brooke is set between Through The Ever Night and Into The Still Blue. It's about the self-discovery of Brooke, a girl you will meet/have met in Through The Ever Night. Brooke is confused about what she wants. But a series of events not only strengthens her, it might be the only chance for her to realize what she truly wants.


Thoughts recap:

Three words to describe the series: Epic, dynamic, unstoppable

Overall, Under The Never Sky is a great start of the trilogy. It might be a little bit slow at first, but if you read carefully, you can sense a storm brewing beneath the sort-of calmness. The characters are well-developed, a trait rarely seen in new series nowadays. The plot is pretty good and epic. Although there are a few flaws, It has the potential to be a really great set-up for the following books. And it does.

Through The Ever Night is a great twist in the trilogy. Unlike other sequels, it's not boring or filled with love-triangle angst. No, Through The Ever Night is a pre-storm of Into The Still Blue and a storm itself. It's unpredictable and will leave you breathless. Emotions are a lot intense in Through The Ever Night. Threats are higher than in Under The Never Sky and more obstacles are in Aria and Perry's way, which of course only makes the book way more interesting. Through The Ever Night is a sequel that will not disappoint.

And now the grand finale, Into The Still Blue. Dynamic and heart-stopping, Into The Still Blue is an ending none can ever forget. Set in a world where their safety is at stake, Aria and Perry have to race their enemies in order to make a future with their friends together in the Still Blue. The fact that nothing is certain in Into The Still Blue is what makes the finale earth-shattering. Digging deep into our dear characters' hearts can totally grip yours. Emotions you get from the book is unlike those in the previous two books. It's a glorious sprint that can stay in our hearts for a long time, if not ever.

Roar and Liv and Brooke are the two novellas centering three secondary characters who make quite a contribution to the trilogy. Although they're not a must to read, I highly recommend them to those who love Under The Never Sky trilogy. It helps us understand the stakes in the trilogy much better. They may not be as epic as the three main novels, but they're not something you want to miss just because they're not the main ones. Exceptionally likable and beautiful, these are the novellas most will like.

Overall Rating: 9/10
Do I recommend the series?: Hell yeah!

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