Saturday, December 28, 2013

Forged: Review


Before Anna and Sam, there was Dani and Sam.
There's one rule that all Branch operatives must live by: No attachments. When Dani O'Brien entered the Branch, she planned to trade her freedom so that her family could have a better life. But joining up with the mysterious organization is more than she bargained for. Branch head Connor watches over her closely--too closely. The training is brutal, the experiments are secret, and the missions promise to be anything but ordinary. The only thing getting Dani through each day is the hope that she'll run into Sam--a young man, about her age, who wears the world on his shoulders.

Find out how it all began in this short-story prequel to Jennifer Rush's thrilling and suspenseful Altered series.


If you are interested in Dani alone, then I'm not against you reading this prequel. But if you're interested in Dani and Sam's relationship, then this novella will not be the one for you, to say at the very least. Because it gives nothing about their relationship. NOTHING. When you think you know Sam more... the ending just makes you want to throw your e-reader away. I'm not going to spoil you on what happened at the end, but you will probably regret reading this.

And this doesn't give much of a insight of what the Branch is truly up to. Yes, it shows how cruel the Branch is and how sick Connor is. But that's it. No more. It's very disappointing. The only think that I really like is Dani's personality. Apparently she's protective when it comes to her little sister. She will do anything for her. But then the whole good personality thing only raised my fury more as I REALLY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT DANI AND SAM TOGETHER AND YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME THAT!!!!

Rating: 5/10

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