Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bane Chronicles: Snippet

Another snippet from The Bane Chronicles! But actually, I would call that a TLH snippet instead of Bane Chronicles snippet, although the main character is still, you know, Magnus.

(Warning: This is of the utmost spoilery for readers who haven't read Clockwork Princess. Avoid this if you don't want to be spoiled)

This boy had pale amber eyes, like a crystal glass filled brimful with crisp white wine and held
up to catch the light of the sun. Magnus could not imagine these eyes as tender. The boy was
lovely, but his was a beauty like that Helen of Troy might have had once, disaster written in
every line. The light of his beauty made Magnus think of cities burning.

Fog and gaslight receded into memory. His momentary lapse into foolish nostalgia was over.
This was not Will. That broken, beautiful boy would be a man now, and this boy was a

“I,” the boy announced, “am James Herondale.” 


James. Freaking. Herondale. And he has AMBER eyes (although I wonder where his amber eyes come from). No wonder Jace has amber eyes. That doesn't matter even if Steven Herondale has/had blue eyes like Will does/did. Genetics are always beyond our imagination. But damn, sounds like he is sooooooo much like Will! *All the TID feels*

And what does James want with Magnus? It seems like he's BROKEN. And HARD. I kind of imagine him as an almost-exact replica of Will. Ugh, it's not about Magnus Bane anymore. It's TLH feels, and the series hasn't even officially announced yet. Are you trying to kill us, Cassie?

I am like this now:

Sorry if the burst of feels annoys you. But I'm still healing from the Clockwork Princess feels.

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