Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: City of Lost Souls, Best YA Novel in 2012?

According to Hollywood Crush, City of Lost Souls is the winner in Best YA Novel in 2012. It's the fan-based decision. But my question is, is City of Lost Souls, the fifth book of the New York Times Bestselling #1 series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, really the best YA novel in 2012?

First is me:

I have no doubt that City of Lost Souls is one of the best novels in 2012. But there are others out there, especially those I really love and very competitive. There's Insurgent, also written by New York Times Bestseller #1 Veronica Roth. There's Onyx by USA Today bestseller Jennifer L. Armentrout. There's also Finale, Pandemonium, Under The Never Sky, and many other else. All are very competitive and awesome in their own way.

Putting asides the whole "what supernatural being is in this book" issue. Based on the writing skills, is City of Lost Souls really the best book in 2012 out of all the competitors, or it's just because of the fame gained by the previous four books? Because you know what? I love that City of Lost Souls is way more intense than City of Fallen Angels and even City of Glass. But I think Onyx has a smoother writing.

Second is the others:

I can definitely imagine the cyclone of craziness out there. Not just because there is a whole bunch of fans are happy about the result, but also there is a whole bunch of haters out there. The existence of The Mortal Instruments brings a lot of haters because 1) its popularity 2) presence of the second part of the series 3) whatever. So when there are equally awesome books like Insurgent, Onyx, Shatter Me, there's a high chance that they will doubt whether CoLS is worth it or not.

So you might ask: Well if you could nominate one novel to be the winner of this poll, which book would it be?

My answer will be like this:

There's a high chance that I would still nominate City of Lost Souls as the winner. And this is not just because the book is awesome as hell.

You see, I nominate Onyx for the Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction on Goodreads, And I nominate Insurgent for Goodreads Author. So I think I will nominate City of Lost Souls on this one. Pretty stupid reason, huh?

But I'm also tempted to nominate others like Insurgent (again), Onyx (again), Pandemonium, Finale, Shatter Me, Under The Never Sky and who knows what else. They are all very good books and very worth reading. But is that such a bad thing not to nominate these YA fantasy or dystopian? Because I can definitely tell you The Mortal Instruments is the very first series I actually fall in love with, despite the fact that I read so many other series before TMI.

And you might ask: Which book did you actually nominate?

Don't hit me because of the answer for the first question. But my answer for this one is City of Lost Souls. Yeah, you heard me right.

Do you agree with this result? If you could name the best novel what would it be? Let me know!

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