Monday, November 26, 2012

We've Got A Release Date!

Finally I can find some news for Angel Fever! It's the release date of it.

Thank god it's not that far away.

April 23, 2013.

Not THAT far away, but still, far away.

Like I said before, anyone who haven't read it can just go buy this book and flip it open. You're gonna love this book.

And here's a summary:

In the devastated remains of the world, millions of people live in "refugee" camps provided by the angels who have all but enslaved humanity. As this angelic stranglehold tightens, Willow and Alex are recruiting and training new Angel Killers while struggling to hold ground on the celestial battlefield. But Willow continues to have feelings for Seb, and her love and resolve are tested as a shattering revelation sends Alex on a separate journey. Now that the final battle versus the angels is about to begin-and the fate of the world hangs in the balance-each of them must face the consequences of their own choices. Will love endure? Will the human race survive?

Information from Amazon (I have no idea if the release date is accurate or not. But still, a piece of information)

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