Monday, November 26, 2012

Unidentified Snippet!

An unidentified snippet from Cassie! Can you guess where it will appear (cuz I don't think this appeared in any previous books)

Belatedly, she realized something else. “Do you … have anything?”
He didn’t seem to have recovered from her last comment. “But do you mean — wait, do I have what?”
She slitted her eyes at him. “Something important.”
“Like what? The phone number for the White House?” A moment later, under her withering glare, realization dawned. “Oh.” His was the expression of someone who has run out of gas in the middle of the desert, miles from help. “I … “

That's definitely not in Clockwork Princess, because I doubt that somebody will run out of gas in the middle of the dessert in 1878 I have a really weird feeling (although it's often not true) that it's not in City of Heavenly Fire either, cuz that will be way too funny even though I know there's a possibility.

I think the answer is that it may appear in The Dark Artifices. I don't know why I have this feeling. But if this withering glare is from Emma Carstairs, that's definitely not surprising because she's always so badass.

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