Sunday, November 11, 2012

House of Night #11: Book Name "Revealed"!

The tenth book of the bestselling House of Night series was released on October 16th, 2012. And now, less that a month later, there's a name for the eleventh book of the series, also the second last book (yeah, you heard me right, there will be a twelfth book).

It's called REVEALED

(Wait, what?)

Yeah, Revealed.

It will be released in 2013, probably October.

And you know what the funny thing is?

I can really imagine what will happen if there's a cover reveal.

My title will be:

"Revealed: Cover Reveal!"

I have no idea why this is so freaking hilarious.


Oh, yeah, and there's an early summary of the very last book of the series. It hasn't had a name... yet. But anyway, check it out!

The 12th and final House of Night novel

In her blog, PC announced that there would be twelve books in the House of Night series. The final book will come out in 2014, and will focus on the children's battle with Neferet and the Dark red fledglings. Also she said in her live stream video chat that in the final books an epic battle between Light and Darkness is going to happen. She said that the old magick of the Isle of Skye is going to help Zoey to defeat Neferet once and for all.

(Epic battle, huh? Looks like there's something interesting will happen... FINALLY) 

The 12th book of House of Night series will be released in 2014. Ugh.

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