Monday, November 12, 2012

What I want to see in TMI Teaser Trailer

It's 4 days away from our big event of this month: The launching of City of Bones movie teaser trailer! So, since that I am so freaking in love with The Mortal Instruments, of course I need to write this little article. I wanna see the teaser trailer that is pure perfection.

So here's what I wanna see:

1. Pandemonium

If you don't give me a Pandemonium scene, I am sure I will go kick some Sony Pictures ass. Come on, you know that not only that's the first encounter for Clary of the Shadowhunters (including Jace), Simon is freaking there! And it's suppose to be the very first scene in City of Bones. Shouldn't the teaser trailer include that awesome (and funny) scene?

I think the Pandemonium club will be like, the coolest club in the whole world. It's in NEW YORK for crying out loud. The hotness definitely go up for at least a hundred degrees. And seeing the cast in action? I will definitely faint in front of my computer. But what I really wanna see is not just the... conversation between Jace and Clary. I wanna see the killing demons in action. Don't you think seeing Jamie kill a demon will be the most awesome thing on earth? I think that's one of the scenes that should be exactly a replica from the book.

2. Greenhouse scene

If I will kick some ass when they don't give me a Pandemonium scene, I am sure I will kill someone if you don't give me snippets of Greenhouse scene. Come on, this is the freaking INFAMOUS Greenhouse scene for Angel's sake. I really wanna see teasers of one of the hottest scene since mankind is created.

Lily and Jamie kissing... well, I'm not so sure about what will actually happen in the midnight Greenhouse, but maybe I wanna see the witchlight. And the hot kiss scene, perhaps? Or even more, Simon will pop out from nowhere and discover what Clary had done? Perhaps I don't care, I just want a teaser of the Greenhouse scene.

3. Demon slaying scene in Clary's house

Oh that's definitely need to be display on screen. That's one brutal scene in City of Bones. And seriously, this movie is about a bunch of demon killers. If you don't have the Ravener (Is that what they called?) running around Clary's house in the teaser trailer, I will be super pissed. Come on, I wanna see how Clary actually kill that disgusting demon ON SCREEN. Don't tell me that's not gonna be awesome.

4. Some of the Institute, I think

Well, the Institute scene is not the most exciting scene, but I love their bickering. Maybe there will be some Institute scene like Isabelle tells Clary that's the Institute? I think my jaw will hit the floor if I actually see the Institute.

5. Magnus Bane

The warlock. Alec's future lover/mate/whatever. Don't you think Magnus is hot? And he's the one who took Clary's memories away. I think I will be really thrilled to see Magnus Bane in the teaser trailer. And I am sure I will definitely think more than 1) oh he's hot and 2) so he's the guy who put a block in Clary's memories. Ha.

6. The Silent City

Speaking of the Silent City, I thought about how they bring out the Silent Brothers and the City of Bones. I know that seeing the Silent Brothers in action is not the most peaceful scene. But oh my god, don't you think seeing them ''talk'' in a really ''silent'' way is interesting? And the Silent City herself... you'd better make cool scenes in the Silent City, or like I always do, I will go kick some butt.

7. Valentine

Yeah, Valentine. I am curious about how he will talk to Jace and Clary. I think he should be somehow like talking in a rather soft way but with great threats behind? And isn't Jonathan the perfect guy for Valentine? In some ways he's so villan-like. I really wonder how that scene will turn out.

So I think that's all I want to see. Although I really like to see some jokes and sarcastic remark, I think the ones above are my first priority.

I think I will fangirl for days after I see this trailer.

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