Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thoughts Of Book 3 Of Divergent: Tobias Special

Well, it's been quite a time since I release the possible fate for Caleb. Today is about Tobias.

So he is Divergent, that means he is the center of the breakthrough from the factions like Tris. In general, the worst case scenarios are either he dies or he has to watch Tris die in front of him. Of course this is just the worst cases. I don't think Veronica Roth will be as ruthless as Cassie (Sorry here, Cassie). But who knows if my thought about is just wishful thinking. I have to admit that one of them dies in the third book will be a great plot twist, but it will also be one of the most painful plot twist on Earth.

The best case scenario is that he breaks the fence and reveal the world outside with Tris. I have a feeling that in some ways the story will end well. Especially in the breaking free part of the story. I think breaking through the fence is something that normal people in Chicago can't do. Maybe the fence can only be broken by Divergent? (Well, this is not just about Tobias anymore, right?)

The relationship between him and Tris has finally become stable enough to face the obstacles lay in front of them in the end of Insurgent. But I seriously don't think that it will be that stable throughout the third book. They are both Divergent. They are both Dauntless and Abnegation. And in Insurgent Tris is so determined to sacrifice herself for Tobias. Perhaps this time it's Tobias' turn. But I will possibly make this face :o while reading the book. Because it's kind of like the mirror version of Insurgent.

Or that it will center Tobias' problems in the third book. This is also like a mirror version of Insurgent but in a better than the theory above. Insurgent centers Tris' problems like her recklessness or something like that. Maybe this time Tobias' distrust towards Marcus and his relationship between Evelyn and himself will be one of the major problems stand between them.

Will he forgive Marcus? It's hard to predict. But somehow I can sense that there will be a major change of his point of view, only that I don't know who will change him. Marcus abused him for years, and he's... quite a bitch, I have to say. But he is Abnegation nonetheless. And I think he regret what he had done to Tobias over the years. Maybe he will sacrifice himself for Tobias? And I bet Tobias will definitely trust him and forgive him at that point. Problem in Insurgent will be solved at this point. But if he forgives Marcus, I can tell that he will have the same feeling as Tris when she didn't forgive Al.

The relationship between him and Evelyn is complicated. Honestly I don't like Evelyn much. Not just because she left Tobias when he was little but also she's not as trustworthy as she claimed to be. I know she's the leader of the factionless. And they hate Erudite too. But I think the factionless's final purpose is to destroy Chicago and build a government all by themselves. That's a little too aggressive even though I understand their pain and poverty over the years. I can see that Evelyn is TRULY one of the factionless and she has little Abnegation inside her. I doubt that Tobias will see the ruthless inside her and he will trust Tris for not trusting Evelyn. If he still thinks Evelyn is trustworthy, then it's fine. I hope that he will not make huge mistake.

Any thoughts about him? Cuz I can't predict much based on the current knowledge about him.

Sorry if the article is lame.

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