Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts of Book 3 of Divergent: What Will Happen After "The Shouting Begins"?

Last time we talked about the cover of the final book of Divergent. It's time to move on to the plot.

Remember the last sentence of Insurgent?

Then the shouting begins.

We don't know what is with the shouting. So what happened in Erudite Headquarters?

Well I have some theories.

One, the shouting has something to do with Edith Prior. Do you guys remember that the video that Edith shows up? Maybe she is wearing Erudite clothes but attacks the Erudite themselves. That's why the Erudite and the Dauntless traitors are shouting. It's kind of lame, but it's one of the few ways to link the events between Insurgent and the third book.

Two, and the most logical one, is that the Factionless attack the Erudite Headquarters. Why is it the most logical one? Because if I recall, the Factionless wants to destroy the data from Erudite's computers. And they are kind of ruthless in my opinion. So there is a possibility that the factionless will try to break through to get the data from Tobias' hands and destroy it. And most importantly, Evelyn is in Erudite Headquarters. So it's hard to imagine that there are no Factionless following her to Erudite Headquarters.

Three, and the craziest one, is that there are people outside the fence break through and attack the Erudite Headquarters. But I think this is not likely to happen. For one is that how can the people outside the fence break through into Chicago without being attacked by the Dauntless (although it is questionable if there are Dauntless guarding the fence)? And the other one is that if the people outside the fence break through it right from the first chapter, the book will be way to short.

For now I can only come up with these. I would be really happy to see that there are new theories about the shouting.

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