Wednesday, August 22, 2012

City of Bones Movie Day 2 and Something BIGGER!

I won't write so much about Day 2. I will move on to something far more interesting.

So here are the links of City of Bones movie. Check them out!

I am so sorry guys, but I have something bigger if you haven't already known.

That is Jessica Postigo is working on CITY OF ASHES SCRIPT!


They are freaking working on the sequel.

So I guess that TMI movie will still rolling until the end of City of Heavenly Fire!

This is one great and big news to TMI fandom.

And yeah, I guess CoA movie will be much more interesting since that it's obvious that CoA is better than CoB in some ways.

But one thing that is not so good to me is: WHY THEY DON'T WORK ON CLOCKWORK ANGEL SCRIPT!

You know what, I think Clockwork Angel will be a great movie.

And I have a feeling that there will be no Clockwork Angel movie until the filming of City of Ashes movie at least.

God, I always picture the name The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel on IMDb.

Hope that CA movie will happen soon enough. I don't wanna miss it simply because of public exams!

But now I can picture the name The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes now.

That is so awesome!

Good job, man!

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P.S. You know what, I guess there will be some fans that will change the official banner of City of Bones movie to City of Ashes movie.

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