Friday, July 6, 2012

Match #1: Will vs Vincent!

Wow! The battle begins! The first of all! And the opponents are Will and Vincent!

OMG I am screaming now.

And Will has got 91% of votes when I'm typing this article! Yeah-he-he~ Team Will

Jace should definitely pass the crown to Will. This is the right thing to do for TID fans.

And Will is Sweet and Selfless, which are his biggest advantages. I think die-hard fans will probably melt because of his sweetness. (And Tessa is REAL lucky)

I bet he will win this round

Still cheering for the result~

 Please let him win. This is the least the fans can do for him (Because whether being with Tessa or not is up to Cassie)

Okay, I think I have to apologize to Team Vincent. But since that I haven't even read Die for Me, I can't vote him

And Team Will should stay forever

Can't wait for other battles!

For more information: Check out this page:

And vote for Will!

Waiting for July 11th impatiently. Waiting for our loving Four and Magnus battles with Tucker and Tod(respectively)!

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