Friday, July 6, 2012

Clockwork Princess Theory: Who is the Clockwork Princess?

I just read an article from tumblr. He/She talks about who is the Clockwork Princess (Not the character on the cover).

So The Clockwork Angel Pendant is shown in Clockwork Angel,
And The Clockwork Prince is Mortmain (most likely)

So who's the Clockwork Princess?

In that article the writer said that the girl may not know she is a clockwork. For that I think it can be impossible. I mean, you sure you won't feel something if you are not human. Unless Mortmain tell the clockwork girl that she is human (which is a little gross)

And she can be either a new character or some other characters that are already shown in the first two books:

1. Jessamine: She is a traitor. But I don't think she is a clockwork because clearly she won't be out of the jail after all she did in Clockwork Prince, and I think the clockwork princess will play a big role in CP2. And if she is a clockwork, the Mortal Sword won't work on her.

2. Sophie: Okay, this is one HARD choice. Because I like Sophie much. But I don't think she is the clockwork girl. I think she will be Gideon after all, and if she is a clockwork girl, she can't have children. And there will be no Alexander Gideon Lightwood (Alec).

3. Cecily: The easiest choice. I can't shove off the feeling that Cecily will be a spy for Mortmain(because Mortmain gave the Herondales a house, and somehow the Herondales owed him). And, forget the whole feeling thing, it's actually possible that she is the clockwork princess. First, Will hadn't see her for 5 years. He would not know the change of his sister's face. Second, since that she is Cecily HERONDALE, she would be trusted immediately. Well, at least Will would. And that create a perfect environment for spying the Institute. And even though she had shown up in early Clockwork Prince, can't the Cecily in the end of Clockwork Prince be an automaton?

4. Tessa: The most horrible choice of ALL TIME.

Recall: Wild Unrest, Chapter 11 from Clockwork Prince
(Alert: If you haven't read Clockwork Prince yet, stop reading the article RIGHT NOW)

Will's eye gleamed in the shadows, "Perhaps you are a clockwork girl. Perhaps Mortmain's warlock father built you, and now Mortmain seeks the secret of how to create such a perfect facsimile of life when all he can build are hideous monstrosities. Perhapsall that beats beneath your chest is a heart made of metal."

But I think it's impossible for Tessa be the Clockwork Princess. First, like she had said, she remember her childhood. And automatons don't have childhoods. Unless Mortmain (or his warlock father) give her the memories, but that's impossible I think. Because Nate would immediately sense that her sister is somehow different, and this event will occur in early days of Tessa.  Second, she bleeds. She clearly BLEEDS. An automaton won't bleed unless she is some kind of better clockwork creature like Terminator (which is GROSS). And she has human feelings. I mean, real human feelings, which means she would not be a clockwork girl. If she is, Mortmain will not want her back so soon because she will be a perfect spy, and a perfect spy should not have feelings of her own.

And the cover of Clockwork Princess is Tessa...

The theories are a mess. Who will Tessa end up with... Who is Brother Zachariah... Who is clockwork princess... Who is gonna die...What will happen in the epilogue...

Oh. My. God.

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