Friday, July 6, 2012

Clockwork Princess: Information

July 5 is a big day of all fans, because Clockwork Princess is finished! So here's the timeline from tmisource about what will Cassie do before the release date of Clockwork Princess.

  • July 5, 2012: First draft of Clockwork Princess is submitted to editor (who takes about a month to edit the book)
  • Early-August 2012: Clare receives the Clockwork Princess edits (and spends about six weeks revising)
  • Mid-September 2012: Clare sends the revised book off to the copyeditor (who takes 3-4 weeks to correct typos before sending it back to Clare)
  • October 2012: Clare receives the edits and must approve them
  • Early-November 2012: Clockwork Princess will be keyboarded (which means somebody has to type the entire book with both the copyeditor’s and Clare’s changes [written in pencil].) Then someone lays out the book (with the chapter titles and designs at the top and bottom of the pages)
  • Mid-November 2012: Clare receives the 1P (first-pass proof pages), which are laid out as the book will look. Clare and her editor have one last chance to make any small changes. Then Clare and her editor give those pages to a proofreader, who “reads both the copyedited and the proofed pages side by side to make sure all the changes are made.”
  • Mid-December 2012: The book is complete and shipped off to the printer (but won’t print until January due to the holiday)
  • January 2013: The printer has eight weeks to print 500,000 copies of Clockwork Princess and ship them from  ship them from Asia to Canada and the United States.
  • March 19, 2013: Clockwork Princess is released

Ouch. The schedule is so long. I can see why I have to wait so long. But still, I want the book. The cliffhanger in Clockwork Prince is real BIG. I need to know what will happen next.

Another information: The last word of CP2 (from tumblr)

Sure, but the book’s not revised, so it may well not stay that way!

Silence.  Alright. Not the best I have gotten. But still, does that mean Brother Zachariah? or Brother Enoch? or someone else? If the "Silence" means Brother Zachariah is there, than I can tell that he is either Will or Jem. I don't know why I would say that. I just have the feeling that either one will be Brother Zachariah.

And thinking that would make me wanna cry in front of the crowd.

One more info: A question to Cassie

can I ask, did you cry while writing Clockwork Princess?
Muaha! I did not. On the other hand, I didn’t cry with Clockwork Prince till the revisions. And Holly Black and Kelly Link teared up reading — so that’s step one, making other people cry. Clearly I still have work to do though.

Oh so you are deliberately making us cry? That's brutal, and unfair. I swear I will NOT cry in Clockwork Princess. I swear I will not drop a single tear from my eyes (And I am sure I will FAIL).

I can tell that this is a tragedy after all. There will be no happy ending.

And I just wanna cry:

 I just want a better ending. Okay? I will collapse into pieces if this is a total tragedy.

Can't the release date be anymore far away? (Well if you don't count CoHF and The Dark Artifices)

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