Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Clockwork Princess Snippet

Ooh. Another Clockwork Princess Snippet. I really love to read them and guess what will happen. Check it out.

 Tessa put a hand against the wall as she made her way numbly down the stairs. What had she almost done? What had she nearly told Will?

Tessa wanna told Will what? That she loves him more than Jem? That she loves him probably more than anyone, anything else? I think there was a meeting between Will and Tessa before this scene. But as always, maybe Cassie just misleading us. Maybe Tessa was about to tell him something else but held back. Maybe it's about her feelings for Jem is not what Will thought. Maybe it's about her fear of what she really are, or maybe, for a mad moment, about Cecily's sudden arrival. Who knows? But guess we'll know when Clockwork Princess is released. And this day is SOOOO far away!!! I want it right now. My body is ready. XD

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