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Analysis: Unidentified Snippets from tmisource (Article 1)

In tmisource, there is a page for unidentified snippets. Let's just guess where those comes from. This game is pretty fun!

Snippet #1:

She looked at the boy. He was pale as milk, his blue eyes startling against so much white skin and the darkness of his hair and eyelashes. He was long-legged, slender as a willow branch, but strong: a very pretty boy, even to her, who looked at human beings and saw mortality and rot.

Actually this is not an unidentified snippet anymore, not after City of Lost Souls has come out. This is from A Question of Power, an extra content in some copies of City of Lost Souls, where Alec found Camille and talk to her.

Snippet #2:

The body sank without a trace, and Sebastian forgot it before it had even sunk all the way. He saw the curled fingers, bobbing in the currents as if restored to life and begging for help or at least answers, and thought of his dream. His sister, and a sea of blood.

Again this hasn't been an unidentified snippet after City of Lost Souls has come out. This is from A Dark Transformation, an extra content in some copies of City of Lost Souls, which tells the story how Jonathan Morgenstern changed to Sebastian Verlac.

Snippet #3:

But the rest of Jace’s mind is watching the door slam behind her and seeing the final ruin of all his dreams. It was one thing to push it to this point. It is another to let go forever. Because he knows Clary, and if she goes now, she will not ever come back.

This is not an unidentified snippet anymore because this is from The Act of Falling, which is in some copies in City of Lost Souls. It tells the story of DSAS(If you don't know what is DSAS, go check Cassandra Clare's site) scene from Jace's perspective. 

Snippet #4:

To my son,
If you are reading this letter, then I am dead.

Again this is not an unidentified snippet anymore. This is from Stephen's Letter to Jace, which is in some copies in City of Lost Souls.

Snippet #5:

“In your eyes, I have always found grace.”

I don't recall where it comes from. Maybe it's not even in the books that are released. But it can be either in TMI or TID books. If this is in the books that aren't even released, is that kinda like a teaser? I like this idea really much.

Snippet #6:  

He stopped dead. “Tessa told you?” he said.

It must be in TID, because no one but Magnus in TMI knows about Tessa, and he definitely never talks about her. So who is the guy saying these words? Will? Jem? Or others? But one think is pretty obvious. And that's the speaker is a man/boy(Sounds like I'm talking crap)

Snippet #7:

his parabatai rune was bleeding

I don't recall this sentence in any of the TMI and TID books. I can't even find it in City of Lost Souls, where there has the biggest chance that the sentence exists. So I think it will appear in either City of Heavenly Fire or Clockwork Princess. If this freaking snippet is in CoHF, "his" must refer to either Jace or Alec. If it is in CP2, "his" must refer to either Will or Jem. And I wonder that if the parabatai rune is bleeding, does that mean the one of them will die? (No. The four of them cannot die. I don't want this happen)

Snippet #8:

Marry me today

Okay, I don't remember it ever appears on any books in TMI or TID. It seems that it will appear in CP2, because Jem and Tessa were engaged. But for me I really hope that it will appear in CoHF because I would LOVE to see Jace and Clary will be engaged(or Simon and Isabelle/Magnus and Alec)!(Even though Cassie said that they will not marry)

Snippet #9:

She slid the gold ring back onto her finger before heading into Jace’s bedroom.

I don't recall this either, but it must be in City of Lost Souls, because the gold ring was only mentioned in CoLS.

Snippet #10:

Will’s hand looked brown and sunburnt by contrast, their fingers dovetailed together like piano keys.

I think this is in Clockwork Princess, because I don't recall this in Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince.

I will post more unidentified snippets from tmisource and analyze them. This is fun!

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