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Analysis: Unidentified Snippets from tmisource (Article 2)

Another batch of unidentified snippets from tmisource! Check them out:

Snippet #11:

He kissed each finger, and with each one of them spoken a word. Five kisses, five words. His last.

This is so bittersweet. I don't know what this is from. So I think this is in one of the upcoming books. I think it is in Clockwork Princess, which has the bigger chance than City of Heavenly Fire. I don't really know the reason. Just some sort of feeling.

And what are the five words? I really wanna know.

Snippet #12:

“Did you …” He could barely bring himself to ask. “Did you like it?”
“Yeah.” Her voice was husky. “I liked it.”
 Okay, I don't recall this one, but it is kind of familiar. Maybe this is in Clockwork Angel (I've read Clockwork Prince so many times that I am SURE this is not in it). Although it can be in Clockwork Princess too. And I don't have the feeling that it might have appeared in the previous 5 books of TMI or CoHF.

Snippet #13:

“In all my previous encounters with Will, he has worn pants.”

Okay that must be in the Infernal Devices(Although logically it can be in The Mortal Instruments too). I think it can be in Clockwork Angel (although I can't possibly remember). And the funny thing is that it sounds like something from Jem's mouth(again, although it can be from Magnus).

Snippet #14:

“Do you think there’s a chance for him?”
“A chance for who?”
“Will. To be happy.”
“Is there a chance for you to be happy if he isn’t?”
This must be in TID, especially in Clockwork Princess. I like to think that this is a conversation between Tessa and Magnus. It sounds logical and Tessa-like and Magnus-like.

Snippet #15:

It was one of the things that had made her fall in love with him in the first place: realizing that this scarred, sarcastic boy was gentle with the things he loved.

Actually this is not an unidentified snippet anymore, because this is from City of Lost Souls, where Jace was himself again for a while in Paris.

Snippet #16:

… laughing together at all the beautiful ruin around them. They were standing suspended in the sea: it couldn’t hurt them, destruction was their element. Clarissa was looking down as she laughed, trailing her moonlight hands in the water. When she lifted up her hands they were dark, dripping: he realized that the seas were all blood.

Again this is not an unidentified snippet because this is from A Dark Transformation, which is an extra content from City of Lost Souls.

Snippet #17:

When you were an angel, what was your name?

Okay, I don't know what this comes from. It may be in the upcoming books too. I really wanna know what this comes from because this is quite an interesting one.

Snippet #18:

Jem leaned closer against the chair, staring into the fire. “Better it were my hands,” he said.
Will shook his head. Exhaustion was muting the edges of everything in the room, blurring the flocked wallpaper into a single mass of dark color. “No. Not your hands. You need your hands for the violin. What do I need mine for?”
 Okay, I don't recall this, and it didn't sound like Will in Clockwork Angel. So I think this is in Clockwork Princess, or some kind of delete scene from either Clockwork Prince or Clockwork Princess.

Snippet #19:

Not your parabatai any longer.

WHAT IS THIS!? What does Cassie mean "Not your parabatai any longer"? Does that mean a pair of parabatai will split up? I think the split-up thing may occur in Clockwork Princess, maybe after Jem discover something from Will (I can't tell whether this is about his love for Tessa, or something else), or Will discover a dark side of Jem(which is inspired by an interesting theory that Jem goes dark from some other fans).

Snippet #20:

“Wet again,” Will said, glumly.

Typical Will, making bitter humor. I don't know what this is from, but it can appear in all three books(Although I am kinda sure that it didn't appear in Clockwork Prince).

What do you think of the snippets? Do you want more from Cassandra Clare? I do!

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