Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Analysis: Unidentified Snippets from tmisource (Article 3)

The last batch of unidentified snippets(for now)! Check them out:

Snippet #21:

“You’re in my bones and my blood and my heart,” he said. “I’d have to tear myself open to let you go.”

Okay, I think I can never identify where this come from. It can be Jace or Will's words. But anyway, I think this is how the Herondale boys react. Stubborn, (too)Caring, Sarcastic outside, and heartbreaking. (I love the Herondale boys so much)

Snippet #22:

“You are the Lightwoods — you are all that is left of the Lightwoods.”

I think this is from Clockwork Princess, after Gideon turned his back to Benedict Lightwood and Gabriel. And I think the words are from Magnus or Charlotte. 

Snippet #23:

“I don’t know why I ever helped you.”
“Because you like broken things.”
I think this is from Clockwork Princess too, and I think this is a conversation between Will and Jem. And if it is true, I think Will is probably the one who liked broken things.

Snippet #24:

“Oh, God, the lovebirds,” Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. “I hate happy couples.”

Okay, I can't really say whether this is come from TMI or TID. But this is HILARIOUS. I laughed quite hard when I saw this.

Do you want more snippets from Cassie Clare? I do!

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