Friday, June 22, 2012

Divergent movie: Dream Cast Picking and Comments

Divergent fans are so freaking busy to pick their dream Tris and Four (And I am still excited for the whole this-year-starts-filming thing). Here's the popular choices(with some fairly known actors) and comments and finally, my choice.


Dakota Fanning: Her eyes are big and her nose is pretty long. Logically she is the right face for Tris, but she doesn't have the feeling of strength and fearless in herself. I don't really think she is the right person for Tris' part

Saoirse Ronan: She is an extremely good actress, and I kind of adore her. But her face just doesn't look right to me even though she gives me a Tris feeling to me. And more than that, we should give some chance to some not-so-popular actresses, and Saoirse Ronan plays the main role in The Host. I think she is good, but she is not really quite right for Tris

Chloe Moretz: She is a good actress, but she doesn't look right for Tris. Again, like Dakota Fanning, she doesn't have the feeling of dauntless in herself. And she is now a well-known actress. I don't think she is good for the role of Tris

AnnaSophia Robb: She looks just right for Tris. She has big eyes, blond hair, and a feeling of hardness and fearless. I would love to see her to play Tris 


Max Irons: He can give me the Four-feeling, and if he dyes his hair black, he looks like Four, but he is a little bit old to play Four, and again, we should give some chance for not-so-popular actors while Max Irons plays the main role in The Host

Logan Lerman: He is a good actor, I can tell. I think he can play Four's part, but I can't really picture him as Four at the very first sight.

Nicholas Hoult: He has the hardness on his face, like Four. I think he is quite right for Four's role. I would like to see him play Four. And one more piece of not-so-important comment: He is quite right to play Will (The Infernal Devices) too!

P.S. I know there are some fairly unknown actors and actress who looks just right for the role of Tris and Four. But there are so many choices for me. And I can only pick some fairly known actresses and actors because if I'm gonna list all the actors and actresses who looks right for the role of Four and Tris, this article will be so long. So here's my choice of some not-so-popular actors and actress:

Hannah Robinson (
Perry Mattfeld (

David Lambert (

The actors and actresses above looks kinda right to me~

Who do you think to play the role of Tris and Four?


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