Thursday, March 8, 2012


The final book of the Fallen series will be released in June, 2012:



I am gonna say I am quite surprised. When I read ''...For she was meant to be with someone OTHER THAN Daniel...'' I was just...stunned. After what they had been through, and the author's telling me Luce was meant to be with someone ELSE? This is so not right. Luce and Dan had a chance to be with each other this time, and Luce is not going to be with Dan? This sounds just totally wrong.

The cover is very different from the first 3 books. I mean, when you look back to the covers of the first 3 books, Luce was wearing dark-blue dress, but this time she is wearing white. And the sky seems to be much brighter. Maybe it carries some sort of hidden information about the book.

I don't know if Kate's gonna write another series or more outtakes from Fallen series. But I want this book, I wanna see what will happen to them, and how can they find ''that'' place. But I have to wait for 3 months. And this is frustrating.

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