Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Redemption

The final book of Caster Chronicles will be released in October, 2012:

Beautiful Redemption:

I love Beautiful Creatures novels so much and this series is one of my favorite series at all (others are the bestselling Mortal Instruments Series and Infernal Devices series, but let's talk about it later) This is the series like no other among all the bestsellers. The series doesn't base on things that we always see in bestselling series like vampires, fallen angels, immortals.It based on Casters, which makes the series special. Towards the three novels in the series, there are always breath-catching scenes like at the start of Beautiful Chaos, Ethan dreamed about falling from the water tower. Without all the informations that help me to realize what had happened, I just wondered so badly that why Ethan was dreaming something like that. Another scene is also in Beautiful Chaos. The part that Ethan realized that he was The One Who Is Two. And I just thought that if Ethan's dead(or undead?), Lena would go absolute CRAZY. There's another thing. How can the authors continue the series if Ethan sacrificed himself(or dead...)?

The book's gonna be one the most thrilling books in 2012. I can't wait for the novel and I want to ask: Why I have to wait for more than 6 months?

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