Friday, March 9, 2012


The third book of the Fallen Series has been released:

Passion has been released for 9 months already. It is one of the bestselling novels in 2011. This book is about Luce traveled throught time and tried to find out away to reverse the curse. I think this book is quite good, better than Torment, the second book of the Fallen Series. But it made me a little bit confused when I first read it because the time is quite messy, and when I first read the book, I didn't know why Luce was in her past self's body, and at another second she was back to become herself again. I had to read it for twice to understand what was ''going 3D''. And that ''going 3D'' thing made me confused for a long time. I couldn't figure it out until I read Fallen in Love. But this books is actually quite good, especially Bill showed who he really was---Lucifer(Satan), the one that cursed Luce and Daniel for losing each other again and again and again for eternity. I'm glad that Luce was not deceived by Satan when that devil told her to kill her soul using a starshot. And for Rapture, I just hope that Luce can be with Daniel ---because I believed that they are MEANT TO BE.

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