Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Series Recap: Black City Trilogy by Elizabeth Richards

Reading Order: (sort by date)

Black City (Book 1, Published on November 13, 2012)
Phoenix (Book 2, Published on June 4, 2013)
Wings (Book 3, Published on June 12, 2014)

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Synopsis recap:

Set in the future, The United Sentry States is a country intolerant to non-human residents. Natalie is the daughter of the Emissary, Ash is the rare half-Darkling with no heart-beat. They're on opposite sites and they're supposed to be enemies. But against all odds, they find themselves falling for each other and there's a connection between them. Meanwhile, a dark force is rising - a force that can destroy the non-humans and humans who help them. The Sentry and the non-human forces has to join together in order to defeat it and have a future that is not full of blood and war.


Thoughts recap:

Black City is not the brightest and most powerful series openings I've ever read. It's got some issues. However, despite some problems with the book, I still like it because of the innocence and the romance between Ash and Natalie, which is by all means, sweet and real. They have really great chemistry between each other and they truly care for each other. It's one of the reasons why I decided to read the sequel
And Phoenix is beyond awesome. For a book that's not even reaching 300 pages yet, it's certainly dark and twisted enough to be called crazy. There's a lot of character improvement in the book and I love that. It's more emotional than the other two books in the series. There are a lot of angst and ache, which is written really masterfully. Though I'm usually not a person with emotions pouring from every orifices, I admire the writing.

Wings is action-packed, and a truly impressive conclusion for a dystopian series. Besides the weirdness I feel when I read some certain scenes, which is not exactly a bad thing, but I don't know how to process it, it's mostly good. The triple point of view is fascinating and it gives us a insight of how the future world has come into being. Truly mesmerizing.

Overall rating: 8/10

Do I recommend this series: Yes

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Elizabeths books. But I think the second one was a bit weaker than the other two.Funny that this one seems to be your favorite :)