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Movie Review: Frozen


Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.


Okay, I don't normally do movie reviews, as you know. And even if I do movie reviews, it's usually about adaptations from a book. But... well, let's see. Frozen has a high rating on IMDb, which is kind of rare. So I'm pretty curious. And I think I need to give a review, even it might not be a proper one.

Let's do a gif pic review first, shall we? Beware spoilers, by the way: (And I hope that you will not get angry during the process)

At first I was like this: 

When little Anna's solo begins:

When Anna meets Prince Hans:

When Anna meets Kristoff:

When Elsa freaks out on Anna once again and sent her a god... um ice bolt:

When Hans confesses to Anna that he's just screwing with her:

When Anna freezes into an ice staute (I mean an ice FREAKING statue):

The ending: 

Okay, let's be reminded that I'm a fifteen-year-old girl and I'm very realistic towards everything (well... except books, but even that I'm usually more realistic than others). So please don't judge me.

Maybe I should start with the good parts first. It's obvious that the animation is pretty beautiful. I always love snow (one of the reason is that I never ever EVER see snow here. And I probably never will). And I love the fact that it's set in snow. When ice formed under Elsa's fingers (or toes, depending on the situation), it's more realistic than I've ever seen. I appreciate that the creators have done a good job on making those animations. The special effects are pretty great. The sound effects are cool too. They're not as realistic as I first anticipated, but they're definitely more than good enough. So, yeah, I'm totally down with that.

And the characters are pretty likable (except maybe the bad guys. But normally no one likes the bad guys. So let's skip it). Like Kristoff. Finally he's not too much of a romantic or some sort of guy like that, because I'm FREAKING SICK OF THAT KIND. He's not dreamy. He's definitely not that handsome. He's (finally) normal. Anna is also likable as well, except maybe a little bit awkward and very reckless. But the characters... I can't say they're all good. But I'm down with them.

Now to the lecture. Before launching into any of it. I must say: I'm sorry. I'm just saying what I feel.

First is the plot. There's actually nothing wrong with the plot, because the Disney animation (the kind with romance, of course) is always like this: The boy and the girl encounters romantically or awkwardly (you pick one). And then there's either instant like or instant not-like (hate is too strong). And then the boy or the girl (usually the boy) did something pretty epic and he (or she, though rarely)steals the girl's heart and all the stuff. And then the girl either has to save the boy or vice versa, and then they succeed because of true love or all kinds of good reasons, and they live happily ever after, blah blah blah. Look I know Disney is working hard on making a change of the plots of their animation, and I really, truly appreciate that. But that's exactly the plot of Frozen. Yes, there's nothing wrong. But it's exactly why I don't like it. Because I want something different. I want something that doesn't solely focus on saving each other with true love as a cure or something like that. That's why I like Wreck-it Ralph. Okay, the message is more or less the same. All about sacrifice and stuff. But at least, for once, the romance isn't the main point. And well, if you watched Frozen, you know what I mean. All I can say is that I don't despise the plot, but I definitely don't like it.

And there's the whole almost-musical thing. The whole Anna-is-always-singing thing and stuff. I'm not here to judge the singers' voices or anything. In fact those are quite good. My point is that there's way too freaking much song in this movie (in a mere... I don't know, twenty to thirty minutes or so?) that it sounds like it's a musical rather than animation. I'm not saying a musical is not good, but the songs... they're kind of pissing me off. For once, CAN'T YOU JUST SAY SOMETHING WITH A NORMAL VOICE AND NOT A SINGING VOICE?! Because I really don't see the point of it. 

I mentioned the message. And before I whine (or whatever you call it), I want to say this: I know there's a lot of kindness and bravery and love in the movie, and I know these are the messages that Disney's trying to demonstrate, and I really, really appreciate that because they're good for children. And I also get that message and I think it's pretty good. But... well, I don't want to say too much on it because I know that I will have foot marks on my butt later. Let's just say I want something different other than love, bravery, kindness. And I'm not trying to be a downer or something. But even with all the messages delivered straight from Disney, there are still so much hatred, betrayal, cowardice, cruelty... you name it, swirling in every corner of the world. I appreciate that Disney is trying to make the world better (if that's truly their intention...). But... well, the world is not going to change unless something drastic happens, so in a way this is kind of pointless.

If I try to judge it in a technical way, Frozen is a pretty good animation movie because the effects are pretty awesome. But if I try to judge in a... spiritual way, let's just say the movie is not for me. Sure, I think this is good for the kids. But Frozen... it's just not my cup of tea.

And once again, I'm very sorry that I judged so harshly above. But this is how I truly feel about it. I hope you guys understand.

Rating: 5/10

P.S. Every time Kristoff's name appears in any way, all I can think of is: his name sounds like "piss off". No offense intended, seriously. :p

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