Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Guest Post #1: Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver

Hi! This is my first guest post, written by one of my friends. I'm pretty excited! It's a review on the whole Delirium trilogy by Laruen Oliver. And oh, beware of HUGE spoilers if you haven't read all the books in the series.



Hi, I am Amy. Actually I'm kinda nervous as I am writing my first book review in my entire life! Yay! I'm reviewing 'Delirium' series by Lauren Oliver.


I am not that kind of girl who like reading love story, I'm much more into detective and adventurous stories. However, this love story is catching my mind when I put down the books. The best part of the story is that it's not only about love relationships but also the growth of characters and about trust and betrayal. These elements really succeed in adding colors to the books.

About Lena, the main character,I don't like her actually(not meant to be offensive). She first opposes the idea of violating the rules strongly, and she keeps being controlled by others,still, she is willing to follow the rules . Though, she is the one who dates Alex quickly and without knowing him a lot.It's a big contrast between the previous Lena and the Lena after a few months! Maybe it's because of love or multiple personalities?! Anyway, I still appreciate her of standng so strong after arriving the Wilds without Alex accompanying. Later , she falls in love with Julian as she thinks Alex may has been passed away, Wait, then why when she meets Alex again, she still cant let go of Julian and keep giving the guys so many hopes that she may love them . Really, she's not a perfect girl and it doesn't ruin the books(as with other fantastic contents) so I'll try to like her more (uh...maybe).

As mentioned I love the parts about trust and betrayal , and also the fighting scenes. Especially the finale, how they plan to fight back and how people die and survive. I can really feel the tension between the government and people at last! This series is awesome!


Yep, I agree with her. This series is great and original. One of the better dystopian series I've ever read.

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