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Thoughtful Thursday: The Midnight Heir

Warning: Avoid this post if you haven't read The Midnight Heir (or Clockwork Princess)!!!

Yesterday I read The Midnight Heir. And a ton of question rose up. Thus a lot of theories. It's been a while since I post theories about stuff and this time, it's more about TLH and TMH (because they are related).

First is the big bad question: How can Lucie Herondale marry Jesse Blackthorn?

Yeah apparently Jesse was already dead. So how can he marry Lucie Herondale?

But hey, there's a twist. Check out this excerpt:

"I had one child, my beautiful boy, my Jesse, but he could not be trained to be a warrior. He was always so weak, so sickly. I begged them not to put runes on him - I was certain that would kill him - but the Shadowhunters held me back and held him down as they burned the Marks into his flesh. He screamed and screamed. We all thought he would die then, but he did not. He held on for me, for his mama, but their cruelty damned him. Each year he grew sicker and weaker until it was too late. He was sixteen when they told me he could not live." --- The Midnight Heir, Location 569/760
and this:

"And the Nephilim had no power to save my son."--- The Midnight Heir, Location 590/760

Those sound like Jesse was dead for 9 years. Right? Nope. Just because the Shadowhunters told Tatiana that he could not live when Jesse was sixteen doesn't mean he was NOT living. He could still be alive, maybe very sick and weak, but he could be alive. You might ask: "Then why Tatiana want Magnus to kill 5 Shadowhunters?" For revenge is totally the answer, but that still doesn't mean Jesse was dead. Magnus only assumed that Jesse was passed away but he actually didn't know so. And from the second excerpt, just because the Nephilim had not power to save Jesse doesn't mean others had no power to do so.I think this little excerpt can prove that Jesse might not be necessarily dead:

"The only reason she could have to go to a warlock was if she wanted to use those deaths, to alchemized Shadowhunter lives into magic for a spell. It would be the darkest of dark spells, and the fact that Tatiana knew of it told Magnus this was not the first time she had turned to dark magic." --- The Midnight Heir, Location 590/760

(And I think I see Jesse in this picture drawn by Cassandra Jean based on this description:

"His eyes were a deep, still green, like a woodland pool hidden under the overhanging leaves of a tree, never exposed to sun or wind. He had dark hair falling, as fine spun and straight as silk, across his brow..." ---The Midnight Heir, Location 530/760
And check out this photo here (I can't upload it for some reason):

I think I saw Jesse there."

Or Jesse wasn't really Jesse. Maybe the real Jesse was secretly being other person (that can happen according to Cassie). Although I can't imagine how this was possible. I don't think this is a changeling thing, because in Clockwork Princess, the changeling Adele Starkweather was DEAD when she was applied Marks. Jesse was not dead right away then.

Or Jesse was truly dead, but Tatiana was about to, what, resurrect him by killing five Shadowhunters and use their blood or whatever life they had to resurrect him? And when he waked/was better/whatever, he would still be 16, and since Lucie might only be 1 or 2 years younger than James (According to the family tree, Lucie is 5 years younger than James, but there's no way Cordelia Carstairs will be Lucie's parabatai because Cordelia is 6 years older than Lucie.), the age difference won't be so wide. (Though I seriously don't think the age difference will stop a Herondale from loving anybody.) And the excerpt about why Tatiana might want to use Shadowhunter lives to perform dark magic might be proof to this theory.

Or Jesse stayed dead, and Lucie married some other Shadowhunter. He can be a Blackthorn, though. Hey, we don't know about the Blackthorn family tree. How can we assumed that there aren't any offspring of the Blackthorn family in 1903 other than Jesse? But if he's not a Blackthorn, than who is he? And worse yet, the Blackthorns in 2012 aren't even Blackthorns. Jeez.

This is getting so messed-up I'm already anticipating for TLH before I even read TDA. But hey, maybe something in TDA will link back to TLH. Who knows what Cassie is thinking?

Another question: Who the heck is Grace?

Grace is adopted by Tatiana. And she claimed herself as a Blackthorn. But look at the description about her appearance:

"Her hair was the color of the pearl too, palest ivory with a sheen of gold on it..." --- The Midnight Heir, Location 483/760
Can I assume that this Grace is the girl at the center in the same photo I mentioned above? If that's true, she is a Cartwright. (And don't tell me she's soothing Jesse... yeah I think the guy that the girl/Grace is holding is Jesse. Because I somehow find that really gross.) It's no surprise that she might be adopted because Shadowhunters often die young and her parents might have been dead. But how did she end up with Tatiana when there's the London Institute?

And what is she? Because there's something seriously wrong with her, like she's nothing but a shell made of ice, detached from any human feelings. She might be a Shadowhunter, but that doesn't she was accustomed to dark magic.

Uh, everything is so confusing right now. How can we wait 5+ years for TLH?

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