Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Name Reveal: TWP by Cassandra Clare

In case you don't know, there will be one Shadowhunter series and four trilogies!

You know the drill:

TID - The Infernal Devices, set in London, 1878
TLH - ?, set in an unknown place (my guess is London), 1903
TMI - The Mortal Instruments, set in New York, 2007
TDA - The Dark Artifices, set in Los Angeles, 2012

Now it's TWP

TWP is called The Wicked Powers.

And features the two young Blackthorns that we will know in The Dark Artifices! (So the two Blackthorns are probably Drusilla and Octavian)

See the whole thing here:

It's set in 2015.


What is TLH?

Cassie said that someone had gotten it right...

I need to know what is TLH!

Esp. when TWP is supposed to be released after TLH (apparently)...

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