Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gone: Review


In the blink of an eye. Everyone disappears. GONE.

Except for the young. Teens. Middle schoolers. Toddlers. But not one single adult. No teachers, no cops, no doctors, no parents. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to get help. And no way to figure out what's happened.

Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talents—unimaginable, dangerous, deadly powers—that grow stronger by the day.

It's a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up. Townies against rich kids. Bullies against the weak. Powerful against powerless. And time is running out: On your birthday, you disappear just like everyone else...


Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't pick up this book that soon because I'm in the period of fighting (you know, the annual exam shit). I need to concentrate on my textbooks, blah and blah. And I'm probably right because once I picked that book up, I can't even think about putting it down. This book is nuts. Just as I love it.

The world is beyond nutso and crazy. It's terrifying just like the blurb says. I mean, a world without adults and teens? It's unimaginable and yet... Michael Grant created a world like that. Devastation is always present in the book. You can say it's a dystopian novel but... not really. It's like impossibility, craziness, devastation, and defying-laws-of-physics roll into one. Wow, I have to say I've never read anything like that. A new experience and a very good one.

This book has really strong characters. Every one outshines in their own way. Both the good guys and the bullies/psychopaths. The good guys are strong and determined, wanting to find away out of the living hell aka FAYZ and get rid of those bullies from CA (not California, but you will know once you read the book). The bullies are truly horrifying and terrible. They are like fucking psychopaths. I know it's probably not my place to say they are crazy because I haven't experience the horror/thrill/whatever the bullies are feeling of my parents suddenly blinking out of my sight forever. But damn, what do they think they are, God of the world? It's ridiculous. But damn if this isn't fascinating. A world where bullies rule? Wow.

The book introduces a dark and sinister creature lurking to kill humans/kids. A new threat besides the whole bullies-ruling-FAYZ. I have a feeling this creature will make the other 5 books more interesting because... let's face it, why introduce it when it's not even a threat? I want to read Hunger so badly yet I have to resist the growing urge to grab the book because... yeah, I have to battle with textbooks and the whole sight of my paperback copy of Hunger is tempting me.

You will love this book. Trust me.

Rating: 8/10

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