Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughtful Thrusday: Hardcover vs Paperback vs Ebook

Almost every reader has this problem: Shall I buy a hardcover book, or a paperback, or even a ebook? I certainly have this problem because I'm not living in the US so sometimes I can't buy actual books (you know, with the shipping taxes and all). Here are the pros and cons about me buying the 3 types of books:

1. Hardcover

  • Beautiful (Admit it, a hardcover book is usually more beautiful than the other two)
  • Easy to store (With its hardback, it's harder to actually destroy the book and definitely easier to preserve)
  • Can store for a longer time (Hardcovers do not wither as easily as paperbacks do)
  • Kissable (Actually this is my own personal pro. Yeah, I love hardcovers like that. XD)
  • More expensive (With a hardcover binding, it's usually more expensive than a paperback version and... I'm not old enough to have my very own credit card and a part-time job so I have to rely on my parents and they are... a little strict of me spending so much money on buying books. Irony...)
  • Heavy (Yeah, it's heavier. And since we have to bring one book back to school to read sometimes, it's also harder to carry a hardcover book)
  • Hard to read (I like to read on my bed. And reading a hardcover book is really difficult because they're so hard to grab on sometimes. You have to read in on a table and trust me, I don't really like this idea)
2. Paperback

  • Less expensive (Yeah, you know what I mean. Just check or TBD)
  • Easier to carry (They're infinitely lighter comparing to their hardcover counterpart. That is, if they even have a hardcover edition at all. The Covenant series and Lux series by JLA is definitely one of those which don't have hardcover version)
  • Also kissable (well, maybe not as kissable as hardcover books. But still)
  • Easier to read (It's easier for me to hold a paperback than a hardcover)
  • Easier to wither (Yeah, that's one hell of a problem. Since it's paperback, it's harder to preserve and protect the book, especially the cover)
  • Might not be the original cover of the book (e.g. The UK version of Under The Never Sky. Don't get me wrong, they are really beautiful. But I prefer originally stuff unless under special occasions)
3. Ebook

  • Infinitely easier to carry (Yep, I have a e-reader to read .epub and .mobi (Kindle) books, so I can read them wherever I want)
  • Much less expensive (Again, check
  • Can store for a infinite time (they are digital versions, so technically they will not wither. But if the file's broken, then I can do nothing about it)
  • Not as kissable (I like the smell and the feel of holding a real book in my hands)
  • I read slower (It's a weird problem. Sometimes I have the digital version AND a hardcover/paperback version of a book. But I read slower with e-readers. Maybe it's because staring at a constantly lighting screen is not that appealing to me?)
  • Have to wait for some time, sometimes (Yeah, there might be a case in which the hardcover/paperback version releases earlier than the digital version)

What I prefer if given a choice:

Hardcover and Ebook

I'm a little greedy but it's the truth. Hardcover, because I like reading an actual book and I love having real books. Ebook, because I can read wherever and whenever I want and you can't carry a hardcover book everywhere when your school bag/handbag is/are always stuffed with thick textbooks and stationery and personal belongings.

What do you prefer? Do you like hardbacks or paperbacks? Or do you prefer books in e-readers?

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