Monday, May 20, 2013

Surreal Sunday (Monday Edition): Spin-off Series of Blood of Eden?

I'm sorry about the Monday Edition thing but my computer was busted and I just got my computer back. I really want to talk about this topic because I can't get Blood of Eden out of the surface of my mind.

Blood of Eden is written by Julie Kagawa, the author of The Iron Fey series. And anyone who reads Iron Fey will know that there's a spin-off series called Call of The Forgotten. And... as surreal as it sounds, I really hope there will be a spin-off series of Blood of Eden because I love this series more than The Iron Fey! Though I can think of a couple of reasons why Julie probably won't write this:

1) Actually there's a prequel of Blood of Eden and that's Dawn of Eden. Check out here: I mean, if there's a prequel,
there's practically little reason why a spin-off series should come in to existence (and let's face it, there's no prequel in The Iron Fey).

2) According to Harlequin Teen, there will be an untitled series written by Julie about mythical creatures cloaked as humans. Check out here: I seriously doubt if Julie has time for another series (although she's writing Call of The Forgotten and Blood of Eden at the same time...)

Okay, anyway, let's forget those problems. If there would be a Blood of Eden spin-off, here's what I thought this is about:

1) Before: Yeah, Dawn of Eden is also about before, but that's set in the time where vampires are still mythical creatures and the first wave of Red Lung Disease plaguing everyone. And about Kylie finding out the rabids. There are two befores. One is the way before, which is how Red Lung Disease first discovered that kind of stuff. Another is not-so-far-before, which is the setting up of the first vampire cities... and Eden, possibly (Spoiler Alert!) Actually there aren't anything about the foundation of the first vampire cities and Eden in Dawn of Eden (End of Spoiler). That should be interesting. You know, more vampire dystopia :)

2) After: After, which is after the events in Blood of Eden. Okay, The Forever Song hasn't hit the stores so we have no way to know what will really happen (although I have some theories in mind...). But actually, I highly doubt those vampire cities will fall altogether in the last installment of Blood of Eden. So, maybe this is about the fall-down of those cities? Or something else?

Uh, sounds like this spin-off series will actually come into existence when this idea is damn nearly impossible.

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