Monday, May 20, 2013

Random Post: YA Crush Tourney 3.0 Nomination Begins

Yep, the nomination begins, and so is the heart-break and teeth-clenching, toes-curling, jaw-tightening.

Check it out here:

According to YA Sisterhood, this time is quite different, and truth to be told, I'm quite pissed. Reason:

1) Four categories? Really? I mean, that's a little troublesome. But compare to the next problem, this is minor.

2) One character from ONE author ONLY!? I totally understand that the host don't want any books/characters/series/whatever dominating the whole competition *particularly Cassie's. Yeah, I totally get it.* But damn, that pisses me off so much when I want to nominate all my crushes from TMI, TID (Will, Jem, Alec, Simon, Magnus, Jordan, Gideon, Gabriel). Jeez.

Okay, back to the whole nomination thing. Here's who I nominate:


1. Perry from Under The Never Sky (Oh, I'm so gonna vote for him :) )
2. Kaidan from Sweet Evil (Yep, after Sweet Peril, I'm totally swooning)

Who I'm supposed to nominate in the Debut category but actually didn't:
1. Prince Kai from Cinder (Because I'm still a little pissed at him, sorry)
2. Jack from Everneath (Just not that in love with him)
3. Maxon/Aspen from The Selection (Sorry, but they're practically the last two people I will nominate)



1. Will from The Infernal Devices (I'm telling you if he doesn't win this time I will zap someone)
2. Four from Divergent (definitely!)
3. Magnus from The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices (hard not to like the sexy, sexy warlock :D)
4. Tucker from Unearthly (yep)
5. Tod from Soul Screamers (it's official. I love that guy/reaper)
6. Day from Legend (One bad-ass prodigious criminal XD)

Yeah they only allow 6 nominations per category. I want to cry for not being able to fill in more of my crushes T_T

Who I want to nominate in the Speculative category but actually didn't:

1. Alex from Delirium (surprising, right? Two reasons. 1) I'm torn between him and Julian 2) I'm still a little piss at him)
2. Adam from Shatter Me (I'm not sure I really want to nominate him)
3. Zeke from Blood of Eden (not enough space, sorry)
4. Ash from The Iron Fey (again, not enough space)
5. Jem, Simon, Alec, Gideon, Gabriel from TMI/TID (again, not enough space)



1. Daemon from Obsidian (Oh, definitely.)
2. Aiden from Half-Blood (Another definitely :D)

(Sorry, I don't know much about small publishers)


What are you waiting for? Go nominate your crushes!

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