Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oath Bound: Review


The Tower Syndicate will fall...

The secret daughter of the head of an infamous Skilled crime family, Sera Brandt has hidden her past, her potential and especially her powers. But when a tragedy strikes her other family, Sera needs justice. And the only way to get it is to reveal her heritage–including a rare Skill–and take the reins of the Tower Syndicate from her cunning and malicious aunt.

If he can figure out how...

Kristopher Daniels might have the answer. He's fought the syndicate to protect his sisters, but he'd never realized just how close to the new heir he needed to get....

And if they can survive

Neither is used to trusting. But there's something between them that can't be ignored. And so Sera is on the run with a man she can't figure out, a target on her back and the new knowledge of just how powerful she really is....


(This review contains spoilers of Shadow Bound)

I'm not sure what kind of feelings I hold for this book. It's just as complicated as Shadow Bound, yet... less exciting and more exciting at once. I never felt truly attached to the book like I did when I was reading Blood Bound. There's something really odd and OFF but I can't figure out what that is.

Logically it's more exciting than Shadow Bound, because... come on, you read the synopsis. The Tower Syndicate is going to fall in this book, and there's nothing more exciting than seeing that bitch Julie Tower fall from her throne of mafia. And in one way it's really fast-paced, especially when you're talking about the epic finale. But sometimes I feel like it's dragging on somewhere in the middle of the book, and that's where I slowly detached from the plot. I have to say Blood Bound is much better because... well, even though the ending is not as exciting as this one, the whole book could catch my full attention, while Oath Bound can't.

Kristopher is kind of surprising to me. I mean, he's Kori freaking Daniels' brother. But he's a very nice guy actually. He's a total badass, but he's... not as badass and snarky as I thought he would be. And he's quite honest to his feelings too. That's a good thing. I'm getting a little tired of seeing guys hiding his truly feelings for a girl.

Sera is another fresh character too. Normally heroines are too nice and too trusting and always get into trouble because of their naivete. But no, Sera is exactly the opposite case. She's really skeptical. In a way that's a good thing... for her at least, because she's living in a world where trust is damned deeper than the soil on earth. But sometimes her skepticism bugs me a little bit. Come on, no one's gonna hurt in the... House of Crazy :)

I think there's not enough steamy scene in the book, at least not as much as in Blood Bound and Shadow Bound. Okay... I'm not a big fan of steamy scenes when I read Unbound series. But this time there's truly not enough intimate and intense moments. That's a little disappointing. Maybe that's because I thought something epic will happen between Kris and Sera with Kris... nice nature. But apparently there's not enough between them. Sigh. Anticipation is damned.

I don't know if Oath Bound is the last book. But if it is, I'm a little bit sad and a little bit relieved that the series is over. I kinda wanna move on to something new these days, especially when I'm planning to read... The Gone series by Michael Grant. Yep, you heard me right.

Rating: 7/10

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