Wednesday, May 1, 2013

City of Heavenly Fire Snippet (HUGE SPOILER!)

Another City of Heavenly Fire Snippet, and you will NOT be happy about this. Prepare for the rage...

Oh my god I can't even... whose boyfrien?!


1) Jace

My first thought (and definitely the most horrifying thought besides Alec or Magnus). And I have two outcomes:

1. He's truly dead, and you know what happens next. Devastation. And Sebastian really likes to taunt Clary...

2. He's not exactly dead... YET. Who knows what happens next. (Not to mention he was dead once and nearly died once...Don't tell me those karma bullshit or I will lose it.)

Oh this is just torturous. But I have a feeling that if Cassie truly wants to torture us, she will kill Clary instead of Jace to make us watch him suffer from the pain. Damn, sounds like I'm more evil than Cassie...

2) Simon

Another horrifying thought. And he lost the Mark of Cain. And Sebastian taunting Isabelle is just as terrible as taunting Clary. But then, look at the bright side. He's a vampire, therefore he's technically dead. It might be a joke, or Sebastian is very desperate to get what he wants...

3) Alec

Taunting Magnus? Is he daft? Although with his evil powers, anything is possible. (And here I thought Magnus and Alec might actually get back together in CoHF...)

4) Magnus

Highly unlikely. But again anything is possible in Cassie's novels.

5) Jordan

I don't know why. I just think that Sebastian might use that to make Maia suffer... somehow.

6) Luke

Technically Luke's Jocelyn's HUSBAND. But then Sebastian respects his father and will never accept Luke as his mother's husband... And Sebastian kind of hate Jocelyn. OMG.


JEEZ. WHO IS HE!? I NEED TO KNOW! It's 10 months away and it's way too freaking long!!!

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