Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Name Change

There are a name change that I really want to talk about. It involves one particular book in The Iron Fey: Call of The Forgotten series.

1. Name Change

Yep, this is about the ever so famous second installment of The Iron Fey: Call of The Forgotten series by Julie Kagawa. And honestly, I'm a big fan of Julie Kagawa's books. But the name of the book pisses me off so much.

You probably heard about the original name of the book:

The Traitor Son

But now it's changed. It's now:

The Iron Traitor

You probably get why I'm so pissed before you even start reading the bunch of words below.

Not that I don't appreciate this name. But this is a spin-off series of The Iron Fey. And when I knew about the first book of the series will be called "The Lost Prince" (which means, no "Iron" involved), I was like finally new names! Look, it's not that I don't appreciate the pattern of names in the original Iron Fey series. But I want some new names. Interesting ones. And this one kind of ruined my day.

But I think I understand why this is called "The Iron Traitor" instead of "The Traitor Son". (Spoilers ahead!) The original name is just way too spoilery. If you read Iron's Prophecy, you will know that Keirran can actually be the Firstborn Child of Doom, as Puck said. If you read The Lost Prince, you will also know that there's a bunch of new fey (Yep, new fey. Surprising stuff just keeps popping up out of nowhere. And if you read The Iron Knight, you will know what that kind of "new" fey is) that can possibly wipe out Summer, Winter, and even Iron. And Keirran... well, I don't know how to emphasize it. But it's not good, I promise you.

And now, if the second book is called "The Traitor Son", it's like branding a sentence "Keirran is the traitor?". And from this single name we might see how Keirran actually become the Firstborn Child of Doom. I think that's the reason why the name is changed to "The Iron Traitor" (or at least partly).

But you know what? "The Iron Traitor" is just as spoilery to me even if I'm doing my best to be objective. You will definitely think Keirran is the traitor if you read Iron's Prophecy and The Lost Prince. So what's the point of changing it?

(And keep in mind, I'm not the author. I have no idea who the traitor is. I'm just making my guess that Keirran MIGHT be the traitor)

What do you think about the new name? Do you think the book should be called by the original name or the new one?

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