Thursday, March 21, 2013

Teaser Thursday: Tempting The Bodyguard by J.Lynn

Teaser THURSDAY? Really? Isn't it Teaser Tuesday? But whatever. We have one sexy snippet from Tempting The Bodyguard, the third book of Gamble Brothers series.

Struggling to get a grip on her quickly rising anger, she snapped the file folder against his chest. “Do you want to look at them? Or do you want to continue staring at my breasts like a pig?”
That ghost of smile spread into a full smirk. “I think I’ll keep staring at your breasts like a pig.”
“Well, that’s lovely.”
“They sure are,” he replied.
Alana took one deep, even breath. “Mr. Gamble, I’m here—”
“Because you need my help,” he interrupted. “I got that.”
“And I’m trying to show you what I’ve been receiving.” She smacked the folder off his chest once again. “So can we— ”
His hand shot out, as fast as a cobra striking, startling her. He wrapped his fingers around her wrist, gently but firmly. Lowering his head, his lips came within an inch of hers. So close she could taste the minty scent of his breath. “While I liked to be smacked in the chest with random objects from time to time, you keep it up, I’m going to think that’s an invitation for me to return the favor.”
Her mouth dropped open.
“On a different part of the body,” he added, winking. “And with my hand.”


Aww... (sweet sexy feelings)

Tempting The Bodyguard will be released in June 2013

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