Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Unidentified Snippet by Cassandra Clare

One heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, palm-twitching, toes-curling, brows-sweating unidentified snippet from either TMI, TID or TDA!

“Take London, my love, and turn it all to blood,” she said. “My gift to you.”



Well, London. So it can be Clockwork Princess, huh? But SHE said? The Dark Sisters? But I don't think Tessa will do that to London Shadowhunters. Unless it's in Mortmain's point of view...

It can be in City of Heavenly Fire too. Since that... well, the second Mortal War will probably be held in Idris, which is in... Europe. But the reason to turn LONDON and not IDRIS or NEW YORK to blood is beyond me.

It can be in The Dark Artifices, although in this current stage I can't imagine why. It's set in LA, right? What's the point of turning LONDON to blood? Unless it's in the second or even the third book of TDA. I guess.

Anyway. The gift is utterly horrible. I don't want London turned to blood even though she's not my favorite city.

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