Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Snippets From Two Different Authors

Happy New Year guys! And we have two great gifts from our beloved author Cassie and JLA.

First one is an sekrit snippet by JLA:

Heart pounding, I gripped his arms. “You kissed me.”
“That wasn’t a kiss,” he murmured against my lips. Shivers danced down my spine and raced over my skin. "Nope. Not at all."
My fingers were digging through his shirt and into his tight skin. “Then what was that?”
He pulled back just a little, resting his forehead against mine. His lashes lowered, fanning his cheeks. “That was a 'good morning.'”

Aw... (Swooning) That's the sweetest thing for the first day of the year!

And then here's another one from THE BANE CHRONICLES by Cassandra Clare!

 “Just don’t leave me here,” said Ragnor. “You have to swear, Bane.”

    Magnus raised his eyebrows. “I give you my word of honor!”

    “I mean it,” Ragnor told him. “I will find you. I will find whatever chest of absurd clothes

you have brought with you. And I will bring a llama into the place where you sleep and make

sure that it urinates on everything in the chest.”

    “There is no need to get nasty about this,” Magnus said. “Don’t worry. I can teach you

every word that you need to know right now. One of them is ‘fiesta.’”

    Ragnor scowled. “What does that mean?”

    “It means ‘party.’ Another important word is ‘juerga.’”

    “What does that word mean?”

    Magnus was silent.

    “Magnus,” said Ragnor, his voice stern. “Does that word also mean ‘party’?”

    Magnus could not help the sly grin that spread across his face. “I would apologize,” he said.

“But I have no regrets.”

Wow, this one rocks.

These two snippets are the best gifts for New Year's Day! Thank you JLA and Cassie!

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