Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Clockwork Princess

Another Clockwork Princess snippet. This time we have Tessa and Woolsey Scott, who I really want to kick in his ass.

Rage flared up in Tessa and she considered belting Woolsey with the poker whether he came

near her or not. He had moved awfully quickly while fighting Will, though, and she didn’t

fancy her chances. “You don’t know James Carstairs. Don’t speak about him.”

“Love him, do you?” Woolsey managed to make it sound unpleasant. “But you love Will, too.

Tessa froze.She had known that Magnus knew of Will’s affection for her, but the idea that

what she felt for him in return was written across her face was too terrifying to contemplate.


Damn. Another mind-blowing snippet. Loving two boys equally is heartbreaking enough. And Woolsey is adding cruel comments on it. Jeez, I can't fathom how horrifying this book can be.

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