Wednesday, January 9, 2013

City of Lost Souls: A Question Of Power

You probably know that different edition of City of Lost Souls will have different short stories.

See what it contains in different editions:

  • BARNES AND NOBLE will be carrying their own special edition. It will contain a letter from Stephen Herondale (Jace’s real father) to Jace, written before he died. It will be detachable and affixed to the back of the book.
  • WALMART will be carrying its own special edition. It will contain the short story “A Dark Transformation” about how Jonathan Morgenstern took over the identity of Sebastian Verlac.
  • COSTCO will be carrying its own special edition. It will contain “The Act of Falling”: the “alleyway kiss” from City of Fallen Angels from Jace’s perspective.
  • Target will be carrying its own special edition: the short story “A Question of Power in which Alec and Camille talk about Magnus and his father.

And I have the Walmart version, which means I have "A Dark Transformation"

And now, Cassie publish a post of "A Question of Power" from the Target special edition.

Read an excerpt of "A Question of Power" here:

She looked at the boy. He was pale as milk, his blue eyes startling against so much white skin and the darkness of his hair and eyelashes. He was long-legged, slender as a willow branch, but strong: a very pretty boy, even to her, who looked at human beings and saw mortality and rot.

Read the full article here:

Hope that Cassie will be generous enough to release "The Act of Falling" and other short stories as well (not that I haven't read them)

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