Friday, January 25, 2013

Cassandra Clare's Characters Interview (Part 2!)

Another character interview of Cassie's adorable characters? DEFINITELY! Check it out:

Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
RT @zigzagbum: ” Magnus, what is your favourite place in the world?” Peru. WHY CAN I NEVER GO BACK?
RT @yoimfrankie: ” Will, if you were a mundane, what job would you want?” Duck-hunter. Is that a job?
RT @SassySpartan: ” Jem, if you could be a Silent Brother & be w/ Tessa 4ever would you?” Silent Brothers can’t be with anyone.
RT @mtrenchfml: ” Chairman Meow, do you ever get jealous of Alec?” meow. (he’s just a cat)
RT @JLawCollins: ” Jace, what’s your favorite piano song?” Bach, Goldberg Variations
RT @I_Kick_Kittens: ” Maryse, what’s your most proudest achievement?” My children
RT @itsValeJb: ” clary, would you like to share Jace with me?” Um…no…thank you.
RT @shannonjaderyan: ” Sebastian: do you ever miss Jace?” He’ll be back, he just doesn’t know it yet
RT @catchingfray: ” Tessa, what was the first ever fictional character you fell in love with?”Heathcliff
RT @SamMajor328: ” Tessa, if Will had asked you to marry him first, would you have said yes?” No.
RT @HereIsGiada: ” Jem what’s your middle name?” I don’t have one.
RT @itsValeJb: ” Maya, what did you think about Jace when you met him?” Hot. Annoying.
RT @DreamingofMagic: ” Izzy, when you first met him, did you ever think that you’d love Simon?” No, he seemed quite…dull.
RT @Rae_of_light09: ” Sebastian, why exactly are you so romantically obsessed with your own sister?” I wouldn’t call it romantic.
RT @_CrownOfLaurels: ” out of magnus, alec, jace, simon, izzy, clary who is the best dancer?” Magnus of course.
RT @Diego_Martinez6: “Tessa, don’t you feel bad being a bad example for girls kissing two guys?” How distressingly judgemental of girls!
RT @AlwaysChooseDE: ” Maureen, why did you killed Camille?” I wished to be the QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES.
RT @S_Dalmarzabal: ” Izzy, can you describe Clace, Malec and Sizzy with few words?” I don’t know any of those words!
RT @yoabi_14: ” Stephen, You always love Amatis??” Yes, always.
RT @fraywood: ” Emma, have you ever had a boyfriend?” Oh God, yes. Dozens.
RT @ItsRooC: ” Simon, when you first met Clary, what was the first thing that crossed your mind?” “Nice lunchbox.”
RT @S_Dalmarzabal: SPOILERS. ” Jace, how would you describe Alec and Magnus’s relationship?” Over, at the moment.
RT @AnagDiaz95: ” clary, why did you find jordan so hot?” Because…he is hot?
RT @amyhasler17: ” hey tessa do you know jems favorite colour?” yes, it’s red.
RT @shannonjaderyan: ” Benedict: would you ever forgive Gideon?” Perhaps, if he returned and begged.
RT @imeannothing: ” simon, do you ship aragorn with legolas or with arwen?” With Eowyn.
RT @anormalrauhl: ” Maureen,what do u think about Izzy?” She should get her hands off Simon.
RT @sa_mcveigh: ” Hey Will, Seen six-fingered Nigel lately?” I have hired him to play the flute at our Christmas party.
RT @obIiviated: ” Clary and Jace, what’s your idea of a perfect date?” Jace: No homicidal maniacs. Clary: I agree. Or things with tentacles.
RT @SamClaflinCF: ” Will, Jace, why are you so perfect?” Because we’re Herondales.
RT @EliArman: ” Tessa, Who is the most hot, Jem or Will?” They’re equally , um… “hot.”
RT @VLC_Photo: ” Any honeymoon plans Tessa & Jem?” The “keeping Jem alive” tour of Europe :D
RT @Trice_MarchHare: ” Woolsey, do you know Oscar Wilde?” He has totally copied my dress sense.
Cassandra Clare ‏@cassieclare
And on that note …. I go to write! Thank you guys!

This is even more funny than the last one. Figured I'm gonna miss TID characters very soon. Can I get one more (pleading look)? PLEEEEEEEEEEASSE?

(And looks like Emma's gonna be my favorite heroine in 2015. Badass girl :D)

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