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The Bane Chronicles: Secrets!

Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan joins together and write The Bane Chronicles featuring our sexy warlock Magnus Bane!

So here's some secrets spilled by Sarah Rees Brennan about The Bane Chronicles:

(Originally from TMI source)

1. On whether we’ll find out the story about why Magnus is banned from Peru:

2. On the best part about helping with Magnus’ backstory:
Everything to do with Magnus is fun! But I love how nice & welcoming Cassie Clare’s fans are to us about The Bane Chronicles.

3. On Magnus’ wardrobe:
The beauty of Magnus’s wardrobe is that if you ever think ‘would Magnus wear…’ you instantly go ‘YES HE WOULD.’

4. On favorite personality trait of Magnus:
While being hilarious & hot are great, I’d like to be as kind as Magnus secretly is. He helps everyone!

5. On whether we’ll get to read more about Magnus and Camille:
Camille will feature.
6. On Magnus and Alec:
I think lots of people love his relationship with Alec… & Alec features lots.

7. On whether there will be another person that Magnus has fallen for:
Magnus has had many romances over the centuries…Maureen Johnson came up with a very EXCITING one.
8. On what THE BANE CHRONICLES are about:
The different stories will be about different points in his life, yes–Peru, Alec, Camille, France, NYC in different decades…

9. On whether some INFERNAL DEVICES characters will appear:
One must always be prepared for Herondales.


Response from me:

Q1: Peru! Honestly Peru is the biggest reason that interests me. Come on, what happened in Peru and why was he banned? I'd love to know. Maybe another love story?

Q2: Malec is the best ship on Earth besides Clary/Jace and Will/Tessa! Who wouldn't love Malec?

Q3: Magnus's wardrobe? This is a very interesting development. Perhaps some sexy warlock outfit? Can I borrow one?

Q4: Magnus is always great. But I'd like to know a different side of him. Maybe back when he was young?

Q5: Camille! I have to say Camille isn't exactly my favorite vampire. She ruined Alec and Magnus's relationship in City of Lost Souls. But I'd like to know if the Camille in France is different from the one in The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments. Maybe I'll get a clue of why Camille is so pissed with Alec.

Q6: Aww! Malec! No words can be drawn. This is just too awesome. Maybe the trip please? 
 (Anyone who's confused of the "trip", here's a reminder:
'"So have you heard from Alec and Magnus lately?" she asked. "Are the having a good time?"
"Sounds like it." Jace took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to her. "Alec keeps sending me annoying photos. Lots of captions like Wish you were here, except not really,"
"Well, you can't blame him. It's supposed to be a romantic vacation."
---Clary and Jace, City of Fallen Angels, Chapter 2 "Falling")

Q7: Wow. I know that already but it still sends shocks. Maybe because how romantic Alec and Magnus together affect my judgement. I'd like to see this point.

Q8: Peru! I need Peru!

Q9: The Herondales! You have no idea how I wanna see him with the Herondales. Maybe Will. Although I'm sure it will break my heart. Especially after I read Magnus's Vow (UGH... all those feels are killing me). And Maybe Jace (before Clary?), which can be interesting. Or maybe Stephen, which I think will be the most interesting of all if it happens. More about the age of The Circle? I love it!

The Bane Chronicles single-print version will be released in 2014, while part 1 of the story will be released in February 2013.

Check out the summary here:

The Part 1 of The Bane Chronicles (ebook).
Full Single Print to Come out on 2014.

Starting in February, one story in the cycle will be released every month in e-book format leading up to The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie (out Aug. 23). This will be followed by a single print edition in 2014.

Can’t get enough of Magnus Bane? Let the new short story cycle, The Bane Chronicles, fill the void. Cassandra Clare will collaborate with YA authors Sarah Rees Brennan (Unspoken, Team Human) and Maureen Johnson (The Name of the Star, 13 Little Blue Envelopes) on the serialization which will be focus on Bane, the immortal warlock seen in Clare’s Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series.


And here's a fan made cover of The Bane Chronicles (or a fan made poster? Who cares? Magnus's here)

What do you think about this fan made cover? Doesn't he look hot?

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