Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stuff Sunday: Various Interesting Things about Covenant Series

You will probably be confused by my "Stuff Sunday". Well, to be honest, it's me talking crap various interesting stuff here cuz I'm bored to death. And I find out some interesting stuff out there in the internet. And there is one half-formed thought.

Case 1:

So there is the cover of Half-Blood that you are so familiar with:

You'd better prepare for this. I find this beautiful fire flower wallpaper on the Internet. Apparently the wallpaper is originally made:

Even a blind person can see the resemblance between this fire flower wallpaper and the cover of Half-Blood.

And I don't even wanna know what is going on with this similarity.

Case 2:

Here's the Apollyon full cover.

And better prepare yourself... again. I found this on the Internet. Trust me.

It's... it's the reverse of the flower in Apollyon.

I don't even want to know what the hell's going on.

Case 3:

See the invincibility rune on Alex's skin?

There's an Google Play app called CyanDelta Updater. And the icon is this:

I am totally speechless...

Okay, I will probably get something like this from others:

Okay, I will stop now.

And here's the half-formed thought:

What if...

There's the kissing scene in chapter 22 of Deity told in Aiden's point of view?

Okay, I totally get that JLA is really busy and don't even have time to write the last chapter of Opal in Daemon's point of view. This is a surreal idea... for now. Maybe this will happen some day in the future. And man, it will be awesome when this smoking hot kissing scene is told on Aiden's perspective.

(Remember, this post is just me talking crap various stuff here.)

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