Sunday, December 2, 2012

Surreal Sunday: Another Shadowhunter Series

You read the title and might say, "The Dark Artifices? It's gonna be real." Well, I don't mean The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices or even The Dark Artifices. I mean the FORTH Shadowhunter series.

And you might be like, 1)"Hey, Cassie said that there might be one in the far future after TDA" or 2)"No way, it's getting old." And my reply is that, "Yeah, there might be another Shadowhunter series. It's never getting old, for starters, and what I mean SURREAL is my crazy thoughts about it."

So what so surreal about it?

Well, let's see. The Mortal Instruments is about present day (at least, 2007 is the PRESENT in all the Shadowhunter series). The Infernal Devices is about the past (1878) and The Dark Artifices is about the future (2012... yeah well, need I say that 2013 is coming?)

So when it comes to the forth series, I bet many dudes out there will think, "What's more to write?"

I have two theories.

One is about the very first Shadowhunter that Raziel created, which is Jonathan Shadowhunter. That is the most reasonable guess. Because no one knows what happened to him. It's gonna be interesting to see what was going on with Jonathan Shadowhunter. All the myths, all the secrets will be unearthed, I think.

Another theory is very, very unrealistic, and it's a little bit dystopian. Which means, set in the far future, even farther than 2012. Why isn't it realistic is that there might be no need for Shadowhunters in that kind of far future because of all those technology stuff. And Shadowhunters using freaking high-tech gadgets? I can't possibly imagine it.

These two theories are very crazy. Creating the very first Shadowhunter on Earth isn't the easiest thing to do. More researches, and the author needs more creative writing skills. The second theory is even crazier. Dystopian stuff in Shadowhunter series? I don't really approve it. And I'm afraid it will end up like Mystic City (Don't get me wrong, Mystic City is quite good).

You have other crazy and surreal theories? Leave me a message on the comment area below (And ask for thumbs!... Joking <<< Why did I sound so much like Daneboe?).

And the thing is, I don't even know if I absolutely like the idea of a forth Shadowhunter series.

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