Sunday, December 9, 2012

Surreal Sunday: Another Novel Set In The World of Covenant Series?

You probably know that Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout will be released in March 2013. It's set in the same world of Lux series, where the Arum in Obsession is more like good guys than the Luxen in it.

So here's what I've thought about since I know about Obsession: Will there be another novel set in the same world of Covenant series?

It seems surreal, indeed. We all know that Jennifer is very busy with Sentinel, Origin and other novels. But I can't help but daydreaming that there is a novel like that. It would be super awesome!

Wishful thinking: If there would be one, what would it talk about?

I think the whole Apollyon issue is greater than ever. So the whole book will probably not set in the same time in Covenant series. Not like Obsession. Because well, if there's a greater issue than the freaky Apollyon stuff, that will definitely affect the storyline in Covenant series. So no, this timing is not quite right.

I think after the whole Apollyon thing, there will be no more big problems. And unless there are more big problems after Covenant series, there will be few to write. If there are more pressing issues, I will definitely think of The Lost Prince. The first book of the spin-off series set in the same world of The Iron Fey: The Iron Fey: Call of The Forgotten. Got that?

Maybe this imaginary novel can also be about Apollyon issues. But set in the time of Solaris, the first-second Apollyon. That would probably be awesome, although the stakes weren't so high at that time. But if that happens, I trust JLA would make that awesome as hell.

Perhaps I should hold back from all the wishful thinking. This is so not gonna happen. Maybe the chance is just 0.0000000000000001%.

If there would be a novel set in the same world as Covenant series, what do you think it would be about?

Not so surreal extra post:

Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout


USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout's adult novel OBSESSION, which takes place in the world of the YA series THE LUX, in which a young woman discovers an alien race is behind her best friend's death, making her their next target, and must rely on a sexy, domineering stranger to protect her, who turns out to be the biggest threat of them all - an Arum.

Obsession is slated for March 2013 release date from Entangled and currently a standalone

Release date: March 2013 

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